What to Choose First, Traffic Or Monetization?

The egg or the chicken?

If you have traffic, but your blog hasn’t monetized, it is clear that the revenue will be zero.

If you have the monetized blog but you do not have traffic, history repeats itself, income does not exist. But if you create your blog in WordPress from scratch, where do you put your efforts?

In traffic or monetization?

The answer is quite simple, in both.

Traffic and monetization is your salt and pepper, you can not understand one without the other.

It is a wheel that begins, and when it comes to an end, it must start over.

  • Posting content on your blog and sharing it on social networks.
  • You attract traffic to your blog, and this is where you must convert it into revenue.
  • To be able to start again and continue publishing content.

Ask yourself the following question, if you post content on the blog, social networks, SEO and the months will pass, and you will not get any income, how much time could you follow before leaving?

Well, if you only guide yourself by vain metrics like the number of fans and this is growing at a good pace, maybe you will endure a season.

But if your goal is to monetize your blog and increase your income progressively, or want to start seeing results within 12 months maybe you need to keep your temper on the floor.

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The income you get will be responsible for motivating you to continue and continue publishing content or ultimately, you can use that income to outsource help, pay for advertising that attracts traffic.

That’s why I always insist to my loyal reader’s: from leisure to business that is not advisable to take action until you have finished the program and have a global vision.

Each module is built in the previous one and gives meaning to the whole process.

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If you fail in the “Content Marketing Technique” and start generating posts, then you will lose the “Monetization” and all the possible future options. According to your choice, the content you create should be national or international.

So if you publish an article for a few months and still do not have a defined monetization way and a strategy that supports it, it will dry you up.

I know what you are thinking, but when there is something that is not going well, there is no point in continuing on a wheel that does not lead anywhere. That’s why losing now can make you win when you lose.


  • Contrary to what you may think, it is not publishing daily. You should not forget that time passes and every day new readers arrive at your blog, and these most likely do not know all your content, so I suggest you update your old posts and republish them. This is a technique that I use and believe me that the posts work even better than the day I published them.
  • Create a content plan for the next six months view. Last September I organized a free challenge, and for five days, we efficiently prepared your publication calendar for the next 12 months. It was seen and not seen.
  • Make sure that the posts are optimized for SEO and that they are aligned with your strategy. As with salt and pepper, SEO and content marketing go hand in hand, so never put your positioning on Google ahead of you. The creation of good content.
  • Choose two social networks maximum and focus your efforts on it, do not want to be everywhere because then, you will not be anywhere. If in the future you want to add more to your strategy, there is no problem, but conquest by parts.
  • Use tools that help you share the content quickly. After using numerous tools and none of them just convinced me 100% since there was always something I needed and did not have, and that caused me more work, I must confess that for a few months I am using a new tool and I am pleased.
    Soon I will upload a tutorial for my readers: from leisure to business, so, for now, I keep the secret.
  • Publish consistently. This is a golden rule, if you publish now, next week will not, and the other will see you reduce your chances of moving forward. Think that we act like this at work, depending on our involvement we will charge more or less, right? Without counting that we play the position. You must be committed to your why and your goal, and persevere.

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Which option of monetization you choose is precise that is aligned with your strengths and with the theme of your blog, that is why I always advise my readers through the exercise of “monetization ways.”

Monetization options There are many, already in the post of the five most profitable niches to make money with a blog and I gave you enough ideas so I better not repeat myself.

Now it’s your turn and does not forget, the way to put traffic and monetization to work simultaneously is through a plan, do you have it ready

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