What Kind of Blogger You’re: Scientific or Artistic?

There are two great types of blogger for me that differ mainly in how you approach SEO:

  • Scientifically, technically: They focus their work on the technical optimization of the web and the inputs and the subsequent generation of social signals and incoming links
  • Artistic, empathic way: Focus their work on the content and the impact it has on readers


Nannies (by age or mentality) who play tricks on Google with stupid tricks that often damage the readers’ visiting experience and can forever bust the online reputation of the business.

They are often hackers, and they do it for the sake of overcoming and because they remember that there will always be a demand to buy the last ball to lineup

But, for how long?

These types of risky tactics are a real waste of time if your goal is to build a single business that will be the centerpiece of a new life (LifeStyle Design). They do not work if yours is solid, real, transparent, honest. Yours is based on value.

You do not want visitors or traffic. You want readers, and this is not achieved using Spinning tools to generate nonsensical articles semi-automatically. Neither buying inbound or high links in directories, nor doing Article Marketing.

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There are no excuses worth it. Being foolish does not release responsibility.

If you screw up your income statement, even if you have only accepted the draft that has been given to you by Treasury, you are responsible. And you will pay for your incompetence.

It happens exactly the same if you hire a third party SEO service, without knowing what you have sold. If you get Google, it will delete you from the online map. Believe me, Google can become much more ruthless and unfair than Treasury.

And here the one who will pay the broken dishes will be you, not the nephew of your best friend who has played to be smarter than Google with your business.

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We speak of people with the gift of writing and communication, cultured people, people prepared. They can capture attention, connect with people’s emotions, maintain suspense, illustrate ideas and convey messages in a striking way.

But do not ignore everything that moves away from the art of rhetoric: technology, marketing, sales.

They write and write and write, not knowing what a keyword is, or a funnel of conversion, and in many cases, they do not receive the attention they deserve their entries or worse, they only manage to attract their competitors to their blog.

And more than one, out of frustration, decides to flee the network. “That does not work, it’s a hoax.”

No sir, that did not work for you because you did not want to understand the medium in which you moved and you have not made any effort to train your writing of that “something more” that asks you Google.

And your penance will be broken or continue working for free in elite magazines.

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It takes something from both worlds to succeed in the cloud. I speak from my own experience. The extremes are still the worst, as always.

And you must know that this process never ends. You will always have to improve your way of transmitting emotions or promoting actions in the life of your readers, while improving how to make your posts have the greatest possible reach.

That’s why it’s fun. You can learn something every day. If you want!

And you. Which Blogging tribe do you belong to? Are you a scientist or are you an artist?

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