16 Original Link Building Techniques That Work (Again) to Improve SEO on Google!

Of course, the search for backlinks is not as crucial as a few years ago; it nevertheless remains one of the pillars to improve the referencing of a website.

One must be careful of certain suspicious techniques such as sites of poor quality or unrelated to the thematic, links created to a great volume. But when done well (i.e., by a pro), this can give excellent results. However before you go head-on on creating links, already check the ”

However before you go head-on on building links, already check the “quality” of the site, so you do not shoot yourself in the foot.

For this you can use two free tools:

Once you have confirmed this, you can go hunting for quality backlinks with these 16 tricks!

Link Building Techniques # 1 – Purchase an old domain name with content but not very active.

This is the fastest and safest technique. It is to find an expired domain, but that is well positioned in Google, to repurchase it and make links to the most relevant pages to your pages to boost.

Method: Type your phrase in Google with a blog (e.g., “Blog Marketing“), then pass the 4 or 5 pages of results, and you will come across blogs with article dates record back more than a year. It is the moment to contact them, proposing to them to retake the site, or to publish an article.

It is the time to communicate with them, offering to them to retake the site or to post an article.

Mistakes to avoid: Buying a classified as will make as a “spam“, pay too much, build too many links to too many sites, do not “live” the site a bit and redirect immediately, buy a domain name too young And without content, create a website without content to put a little content and links.

Link Building Techniques # 2 – Create accounts with your website URL in the bio on social media.

Everyone knows YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. but do you know that there are dozens of sites that offer a link (often do-follow) in their bio?

For this you can use https://namechk.com/ for a list of the primary social media quality:

Mistakes to be avoided: Do not launch a ball in the lead (but first create a Twitter & Facebook account to create accounts more quickly).

Link Building Techniques # 3 – Play ego influencers

When you have a small website or blog little known, a good tip is to attract the right graces of influencers like bloggers, journalists, curators on Scoop.it, the network’s on LinkedIn, influencers on Twitter.

The principle is simple: To create quality content, that is to say, an article or a video or a PowerPoint presentation or a computer graphics, mentioning the influence so that it is tempted to relay it.

In practice, this can be done via:

  • A written interview or video of the influence, which you will publish on your site.
  • The collaborative proposal for a collaborative white paper.
  • Quoting influencers in a very high-quality article.
  • Make a list of top articles or top blog or top eBooks with comments on each of the sites.

Mistakes to avoid: Create a content that does not want to share, do not value the influence.

Link Building Techniques #4 – Make the guest posting in a category of your niches.

To propose an exclusive article on a blog (the motto of the guest posting) remains one of the means of obtaining a link of quality, but also to gain visibility with its target.

Indeed, via the guest posting, you will show your ability to Google but also to the user who follows a blog of quality.

Indeed, via the guest posting, you will demonstrate your ability to Google but also to the user who follows a blog of quality.

Mistakes to avoid: Write a poor quality article that will give you a bad reputation, forget a call to action to capture leads, make a link to the home page of your site instead of linking to a page that you want to go up in Google.

Don’t run behind money term; branding creates more impact in ranking.

Link Building Techniques #5 – Offer a physical gift.

In an increasingly virtual world, the human and the real become even more important. And therefore, the sending of a gift related to the subject of the influence can be paid to get a relay on Twitter, or even an article.

The gift can be one of your products, a paper book, a quality press kit. But it can also be a simple lunch to enjoy this intimate moment to do an interview.

An alternative is to offer free access to your service for 30 days or 90 days. To an influence in exchange for an article on it.

Mistakes to avoid: offer a small gift without interest (ex: a press release, a USB key), forget to make a raise by phone (and sometimes upstream to ask for the address).

Link Building Techniques #6 – Offer a testimonial to a supplier in exchange for a link.

Submitting a testimonial to a software or service provider in return for a link is a practice too often neglected by companies, so it is a 100% free way to get a link on the site of sometimes well-known brands.

To do this just send an email to your sales representative, or directly via the contact page indicating that you appreciate their product very much and that you propose to give a testimonial.

Mistakes to avoid: Your testimony must be about a good product that you use because your reputation and your credibility are at stake, forgetting to condition the publication of the testimony to obtaining a link to your site, to propose links to sites far removed from your topic.

Link Building Techniques #7 – Buy a link on a reputable site in your topic.

Since the beginning of time, this technique has been used in the press release, that is to say, an article that highlights a brand and at the same time brings useful information Expert advice, tips.

This method has been taken over via the “sponsored articles,” that is to say, you pay a news site, a blog to talk about your brand, usually in the form of an expert interview or even a product test.

This amount can vary from $ 100 to 1000 depending on your site reputation. However, since this practice is sometimes too.”

However, since this method is sometimes too “clairvoyant” or requiring a significant amount of research & contact & exchanges, new services have appeared, offering you directly a list of sites offering to sell you a “link.” That is to say to write an article that you will have validated with one or two links to your pages to optimize.

That is to say to write an article that you will have validated with one or two links to your pages to optimize.

This may seem simple and useful, but first, you must know that this practice of buying a link is ban by Google. Because part of its algorithm is based on links to a page, & it can be harmful if this operation is detected by Google and sometimes the penalty arrives several months later!

So you have to be careful in buying links, and rather “deserve” them by quality your content, the relevance of your speeches, and not purchase a mass of links stupidly and nastily. It is essential to choose a site related to your topic, which has an excellent reputation, as well as ask for a qualitative article or in the form of a practical test of your product.

Mistakes to Avoid: Buy a link on a site that does just that, have an article that is the too “promo,” do not have a call to action to go to your site but a “hidden” link.

Link Building Techniques #8 – Making an original, quirky quiz.

The era is “fast food content,” quickly discovered and immediately tasted.

In this Method, the realization of a quiz with tools like Online Assessment Tool allow realizing in a few minutes the first examination, provided to let go its imagination.

Mistakes to avoid: Make a quiz quirky, forget to promote it on the social media, heal the illustrations to make you want to participate.

Link Building Techniques #9 – Submit a transcript of your videos to a YouTube.

As mentioned earlier, fashion is too fast food content, and therefore often to video, podcast.

Most YouTubers and Podcasters do not have their contents translated into text-based articles. This is where you can intervene by offering them a win/win partnership. You are responsible for the transcription, and in exchange, you have a link to the article in question!

Mistakes to avoid: Having a poor quality transcription. Don’t do everything yourself. It is better to assign to an editor and do a simple proofreading.

Link Building Techniques #10 – Propose to update an old article, but that remains well positioned.

Who has never seen an out-of-date article appear in Google results, while your own better content fails to reach the first page? One trick is to propose to the author of the blog or the forum an update of its content, with enrichment of materials.

One trick is to recommend to the author of the blog or the forum an update of its content, with the advancement of materials.

Mistake to avoid: Modify all text, which downgrades the article in Google. Ask for a part to change the text without having previously established a relationship of trust with the Blogger.

Link Building Techniques #11 – Make tailor-made images and then ask for an attribution link to the people who used them.

The pictures, drawings, infographics, are increasingly being used on the web as illustrations for Blog articles. It’s time to enjoy.

Just go to Google Images & select your image:

Then you have the list of all the sites that have used your image:

Note: For this to work, mention your site on your image, and then spread it as widely as possible (Pinterest, Facebook Groups). So that it becomes visible to the majority of people.

Mistakes to avoid: Make an unattractive image, do not promote it, forget to put the URL of your site on the picture.

Link Building Techniques #12 – Post a job.

The numerous job sites make it possible to obtain quality links quickly (and often free of charge).

To do this, you just have to publish your job offers, internships. On the main free job sites.

Mistakes to avoid: Do not publish false job offers you risk giving a bad image of your business if every month new offers appear.

Link Building Techniques #13 – Retrieve backlinks from your competitors.

If your competitors got a link on a site, chances are you’ll get it, especially if it’s professional directories, interviews.

For this, you can use freemium tools like such like:

These sites allow identifying all the links that point to a website, with a classification according to the importance of the site.

You only have to visit one by one the most important sites, to see if you can also get this link.

Link Building Techniques #14 – Make a computer graphic from an article in a reference blog.

Most big blogs do not think about re-using their best content in several forms (video, illustration, computer graphics, image, drawing).

If you can then replay the ego card by offering the blogger or the news site to realize for him a computer graphics or an illustration from an excellent article.

For example, this is what I did for an article published on WebMarketing-Com.com, with about twenty influencers interviewed: I resumed the discussions in the form of a computer graphics Powerpoint, and thanks to it I had many retweets (no links, unfortunately, but good visibility).

Mistakes to be avoided: Creating a bad quality graphic because it will not be relayed by the blogger, do not re-read the text before sending it to the site (it must be perfect), do not rely on the site to Make all the promo (launch yourself the buzz on the social media).

Link Building Techniques #15 – Work with your internal link.

The easiest links to get, and the most efficient short-term, are simply those of your website.

Indeed, by optimizing the links between your articles (it is the internal link), you will be able to see “ranking” the pages with the expressions most important for you.

The principle is simple: The more links that a page of your site has, the more important it is, and it collects part of the power (the juice) of the related pages.

Here is an example:

Mistakes to avoid: Keeping every link on all the pages, to optimize the anchors of the links and vary them.

Link Building Techniques #16 – Give a gift to your subscribers who make a link or reviews of your products on Social Media / Blogs / Opinion Sites / Forums.

It’s, all the same, more when it is your clients who work for you, and who make you links.

To do this, you must:

Have a quality product, which they are happy with.
Motivate them to share their experience with a small gift
For example: If you sell beauty products, you can offer a donation d to all girls who make an article on a blog or video, all still offer a discount on the next purchase.

Mistakes to avoid: Do not be overblown but do not spend too much because you will have a lot of low-quality links, rather offer a gift rather than a price reduction that will hurt your profitability, only offer it if your Product is of good quality.

I hope that you will have found some good ideas on this list, knowing that the optimization of a site must be the subject of a concentration upstream.

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