OMG! 229 Useful IFTTT Recipe Make Money For You

Hi Mate, our life is too fast. We all want to complete work ASAP & want to earn unlimited money in no time. In the digital world like me, you also want to make money from blog, my article goes viral. But how do I do that…???

I had heard there are many automated tools available, But is that valid to use. If it’s valid then how to do it.


229 Usefull Way IFTTT Make Money For You

IF THIS THEN THATIFTTT is one of the best & may favorite social media automation tools which I personally recommended you also to use, to make your blog, video, images viral in the world. Good thing it’s Free. You may think it’s a freeware tool so it will give some limitation while using it, but it’s not like that.

IFTTT help you to share your content to IOS app, Android App, Social media site, Feed site and on many more websites.

How to deal with the IFTTT.

Just Register on IFTTT, with your email ID & Passwords. Completing by activating your account & profile.

IFTTT Work on the recipe which you create. Suppose if I create a recipe like Get an email if there will be rain in your area tomorrow. Here I add trigger a channel If rain, in your area tomorrow, then action will be shoot an email giving an action according to respective recipe.

Like that you can create many more recipes and share your content viral.

There are many channels where you can share and make your content viral, for that you can browse IFTTT channels. Some of the major channel which IFTTT provide are: FacebookTwitterLinkedInFeed, WordPress, Blogger, FlickrReddit, Digg, Email, Reader, Instapaper etc.

IFTTT has divided a channel in subcategories such as:

New and Noteworthy: Amazon Alexa, Amazon Cloud Drive, Envoy, Medium, Netatmo Thermostat, Netatmo Welcome, Pinterest, Salesforce, Spotify, tado Smart AC Control, tado Smart Thermostat and Trello.

Blogging: Blogger, Medium, Tumblr, Weebly and WordPress.

Business: Box, Campfire, DocSend, Envoy, Gumroad, Harvest, LinkedIn, Office 365 Calendar, Office 365 Contacts, Office 365 Mail, OneDrive for Business, Quip, Salesforce, Slack, Square, Stocks and yammer.

Commerce: AppZapp, Best Buy, Chain, Craigslist, eBay, Etsy, Fiverr, Qapital, Semantics3, ShopYourWay, Slice, Stripe and TrackIf.

Connected Car: Automatic, Dash, Mojio and Zubie.

Connected Home: Amazon Alexa, blink, Bttn, Caleo, Camio, ecobee, Energenie Mi|Home, Flic, Garageio, GE Appliances Cooking, GE Appliances GeoSpring™, GreenIQ, Greenwave Systems, Harmony, Homeboy, HomeControl Flex, HomeSeer, Honeywell evohome, Honeywell Single-zone Thermostat, HP Print, IntesisHome, iSecurity+, iSmartAlarm, LIFX, littleBits, Lutron Caséta Wireless, Manything, MivaLife, Myfox HomeControl, Myfox Security, Nest Protect, Nest Thermostat, Netatmo Thermostat, Netatmo Weather Station, Netatmo Welcome, openHAB, ORBneXt, Parrot Flower Power, Particle, Philips hue, Qblinks Qmote, Rachio Iro, Scout Alarm, Sensibo, Sighthound Video, Smappee, Smart Things, tado Smart AC Control, tado Smart Thermostat, ThermoSmart, Ubi, WallyHome, Wattio POD, Wattio THERMIC, WeMo Insight Switch, WeMo Light Switch, WeMo Lighting, WeMo Maker, WeMo Motion, WeMo Switch, WIFIPLUG, Wink: Aros, Wink: Egg Minder, Wink: Nimbus, Wink: Pivot Power Genius, Wink: Porkfolio, Wink: Shortcuts, Wink: Spotter and Wireless Tag.

Fitness and Wearables: Fitbit, Google Glass, Misfit, Nike+, UP by Jawbone, Whistle and Withings.

Lifestyle: Adafruit, Date & Time, IFTTT, Instawell, Is It Christmas?, popSLATE, Space, Surfline, U.S. Independence Day and Weather.

Mobile: Android Battery, Android Device, Android Location, Android Phone Call, Android Photos, Android SMS, Android Wear, IF Notifications, iOS Contacts, iOS Location, iOS Photos, iOS Reading List, iOS Reminders and Lifelog.

Music: Deezer,, MixRadio, SoundCloud and spotify.

News and Sports: BuzzFeed, Digg, Entertainment Weekly, Epicurious, ESPN, Feed, Feedly, Genius, InStyle, NewsBlur, NPR, People, ReadingPack, reddit, Sports Illustrated, Sunlight Foundation, The New York Times, Time, Wikipedia and Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.

Photo and Video: 500px, Dailymotion, Eyefi, ffffound!, Flickr, Giphy, Instagram, Printhug, Stockimo, Vimeo and YouTube.

Productivity: Amazon Cloud Drive, Beeminder, bitly, Boxcar 2, Boxoh Package Tracking, Buffer, Delicious, Diigo, Dropbox, Email, Email Digest, Evernote,, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Inoreader, Instapaper, Instapush, Kyber Calendars & Reminders, Launch Centre, Maker,, Nimbus Note, Numerous, OneDrive, OneNote, Phone Call, Pin board, Pocket, Pryv, Push lot, Push bullet, Pushover, Quality Time, Readability, Rescue Time, SMS, Todoist, Toodledo, Trello and Wolfram Data Drop.

Social Networking:, dondeEsta Family, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Foursquare, GitHub, GroupMe, Life360, Pinterest, Sina Weibo, Twitter and Yo.

Some Recommended recipes are:

  • Share your Instagram images to Facebook
  • Share new links you post on Facebook to Twitter
  • If a new link is posted on my Company’s Facebook Page, post the link on LinkedIn, whenever I write a new post on Blogger, share on LinkedIn
  • Post your Instagram photos as native Twitter photos
  • Share your latest post on LinkedIn
  • Never miss breaking tech news
  • Cross post your tweets with hashtag #in to LinkedIn

If am having an iPhone then I can set recipe as

  • At 7am receive a notification with the day’s forecast
  • Save screenshots to a separate iOS album
  • Tweet when you add a new contact to your phone!
  • Who did you meet last night? Follow an email trail of your latest contacts

IFTTT is one of the best, fast automating tools which help a lot to make content viral.

How can I create my own IFTTT recipe?

Creating a recipe is not a big thing, just click on the recipe in the menu, you can see a button with text create a recipe, click on it and it’s done. You can see If This Then That If you want to post each and every article on twitter which you write on your blog automatically, then click on this choose trigger channel select feed. The Feed is often called Really Simple Syndication, it will automatically fetch the content whenever you update on your domain. Choose a Trigger which item you want to perform with feed

  • New feed item : This Trigger fires every time a new item is added to the feed you specify.
  • New feed item matches : This Trigger fires every time a new item in the feed you specify contains a particular keyword or simple phrase.

Let select new feed item, insert your feed URL basically if you’re having a WordPress your feed url will be like this or you can add a category / author feed url too and create a trigger.

Now select That. What IFTTT do if they found something new in your feed… So Choose an action channel, so am selecting twitter. Twitter has many actions to perform. Select which you think best according to your blog. Below are the action which twitter can handle with feed.

  • Post a tweet: This Action will post a new tweet to your Twitter account. NOTE: Please adhere to Twitter’s Rules and Terms of Service.
  • Post a tweet with an image: This Action will post a new tweet to your Twitter account with a linked image. NOTE: Please adhere to Twitter’s Rules and Terms of Service.
  • Send a direct message to yourself: This Action will send a direct message to your Twitter account. NOTE: Please adhere to Twitter’s Rules and Terms of Service.
  • Update profile picture: This Action will update your profile picture from the image URL you specify and optionally tweet about it. NOTE: Please adhere to Twitter’s Rules and Terms of Service.
  • Update bio: This Action will update your bio and optionally tweet about it. NOTE: Please adhere to Twitter’s Rules and Terms of Service.
  • Add user to list: This Action will add a user to a Twitter list you specify. NOTE: Twitter allows 1000 lists per user and 5000 users per list.

Let select Post a tweet, complete the action filed of twitter and create an action and done.

Same way you can create unlimited trigger and action according to your need. IFTTT providing 229 Useful channels.

IFTTT Recipes for Getting Started with IF


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IFTTT help you in ranking & getting your content viral making more money. Kindly share your review with IFTTT. Share your view in the comments.

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