Most Common Advantages & Disadvantages of Guest Blogging

Most Common Pros & Cons of Guest Blogging

Almost every blogger is familiar with guest blogging. A new blogger, who wants to establish himself, definitely knows the importance of guest blogging.

Guest blogging means when you write quality content for some of the popular blogs and in return, the blog publishes your name along with a backlink to your blog.

In the blogosphere, guest blogging is not a new phenomenon, but in recent years, it has grown exponentially.

If you see overall, guest blogging has more advantages than disadvantages. In this blog post, I have written 3 most common advantages as well as disadvantages.

Most Common Advantages Disadvantages of Guest Blogging

Advantages of Guest Blogging

Although there are following advantages of guest blogging but if you are doing it purely for SEO purpose then it’s not good for the health of your blog.

  1. Establish Yourself as an Authority

Guest blogging will help you to establish yourself as an authority, in the short time. Establishing authority is the biggest challenge that a new blogger could face.

However, he can overcome this challenge with the help of guest blogging. It would allow you to write for some of the top blogs in the world.

It is quite normal when you start a blog, you would not find any readers. But a top website has millions of visitors daily, so if you guest post for that website then automatically visitors would read your blog and get to know you immediately.

Every time after reading your blog post, readers would see your profile and come to know about your blog very easily. That is how you build an authority.

So keep guest blogging for top websites.

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  1. Best Quality of Backlinks

Quality backlinks still matter in SEO & if you write some quality & useful guest post, you can get a link back to your blog.

If you want to be successful as a blogger then you must rank high on Google. And to rank high, you must have backlinks or inbound links.

Although there are many ways to get backlinks, but what is special about getting backlinks through guest posting?

Well! Guest blogging would give you quality backlinks. You can create as many as backlinks and rank high on Google search engine page.

But remember one thing, your backlinks should not be spammy or irrelevant otherwise, you can have a negative impact on your blog.

  1. Improving Your Blogging Skills

Most fascinating part of guest blogging is you get to learn more about blogging. You get an idea of writing different varieties of a guest post.

In the guest posting, you receive a lot of comments from readers and it tells how good your blog is. You get to know the response of your readers.

Thus, if you do regular guest posting then it might improve your blogging & writing skills.

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Disadvantages of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging could have some serious disadvantages too. You might not notice in the beginning, however, in the long run, it can harm your career as a blogger.

So here are some disadvantages.

  1. Someone Else Builds Authority Using Your Name

The biggest disadvantage of writing guest posts is that someone else will enjoy the authority by using your name.

If you have written a wonderful guest post for a top website then owner of that website will use your name and enjoy all the accolades of readers coming to the guest post.

It really sucks because you are directly hurting your authority by keeping yourself anonymous.

Always remember, building an authority is the most difficult part of blogging.

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  1. Losing Quality Traffic for Your Own Blog

The second most common disadvantage of guest blogging is losing quality traffic for your own blog. You do get quality backlinks but you lose traffic which is going to the blog, where you wrote the guest post.

If you would have written the same guest post for your blog rather for someone else then your website could have received a lot of visitors.

Remember for a good blog, direct traffic or unique visitors are more important than backlinks. Hence, your blog could suffer in long run.

  1. Losing Sight of Your Own Blog

If you are too much into guest blogging then you will lose focus on your own blog. Always remember, the purpose of guest blogging is to build a relationship with bloggers, not giving away your name to someone else.

Too much of Guest blogging could divert your attention from your original blog. It is because you have to write new posts for various websites. Hence, you have to think about topics that are different from the topic of your own blog.

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Finally, in conclusion, I would say, guest blogging has its merits as well as some demerits. As a new blogger, you should always guest blog.

In fact, it has more advantages than disadvantages. I would say, guest blogging could give you the necessary breakthrough in your blogging career.

However, you should also consider the negative aspect of guest blogging.

Do not choose guest blogging for the long term.

Initially, you can do to get some traffic but later on, focus on your own blog. Remember! Guest blogging is for a short period of time. It is better to outsource it and focus more on regular blogging.

I think this article will be enough to shed some light on positive and negative aspects of guest blogging.

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