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When you address the main cause of leptin resistance, it can be the essential thing you can do to achieve weight loss even when you’re in your old age. You can still look sexy even when you’re in those golden years!

LeptoConnect is a hundred percent natural blend formula that is created to aid your in losing fat store in the body. This is done by supporting the good functioning of your leptin receptors.

Is LeptoConnect safe?

Since the supplement mostly uses organic herbs and extracts from it, specifically 18 plant extracts that give vitamins without the need to use excessive chemicals, LeptoConect is safe to drink. It is placed inside an easy to swallow a capsule and is recommended to religiously drink one a day.

LeptoConnect’s facility has already been approved by the FDA and GMP. Following a clean, sterile and good facility, the supplement is manufactured and distributed all around the USA. The capsules are non-GMO and are safe for intake.

The capsules do not contain any toxic or dangerous stimulants or toxins, there are no known negative effects from it. It does not need you to cut back from eating regular meals and does not need you to exercise but it will still be good for you if you take an hour a week to move around those legs and arms to sweat it out.

List Of Ingredients & Vitamins Added Inside LeptoConnect:

  • Maitake – It is known as a king of mushrooms that contains the magic element of D fraction to burn body fat.
  • Shiitake – It is a wild black mushroom assists in brain tissue growth and proven to influence the dietary receptors.
  • Reishi – It is the supreme protector that works excellently by supporting brain receptors and mental health.
  • Graviola Leaves – This ingredient is rich in antioxidants that commonly found in Brazil and Africa.
  • Pygeum Africanum – It is the African cherry contains particular phytosterols nutrients to improve your intercellular communication.
  • Red Raspberries – This raspberry has the complete powerful antioxidants that mainly supports good health.

Also, LeptoConnect includes 5-star vitamins that ultimately support the body through the entire process, and it also protects any nutrient deficiency without causing any side effects. The 5-star vitamins added are vitamin B6, Zinc, Vitamin E, Copper & Green tea.

LeptoConnect Ingredients

3 Special Mushrooms

Maitake Mushroom

This mushroom is a type of adaptogen. Adaptogens assist the body in fighting against any type of mental or physical difficulty. They also work to regulate systems of the body that have become unbalanced, such as Leptin. While this mushroom can be used in recipes for taste alone, it’s considered to be a medicinal mushroom.

Shiitake Mushroom

Also known as “wild black mushroom,” shiitake activates food receptors, stimulates the development of brain tissue, and decreases healthy cholesterol.

Reishi Mushroom

This is the “chief protector.” Reishi promotes emotional wellbeing and brain mechanisms. We all know that weight gain/loss has an emotional component. Usually if you are going to slide off of your diet, it will be at a time when you are stressed or depressed.

Graviola: Immunity Booster

Another ingredient of LeptoConnect is graviola, also known as Brazilian paw paw, is a greenish-yellow fruit on the outside with white flesh on the inside. However, the most therapeutic parts of the graviola tree are the leaves, bark, roots and seeds, which have been used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon to treat various illnesses for thousands of years.

As a natural immunity booster, graviola has been used to kill parasites, ameliorate liver problems, reduce fevers, and treat colds and the flu. Scientists have studied graviola since the 1940s and most research has been centered around annonaceous acetogenins, a group of natural compounds that have anti-tumorous properties – meaning they fight various types of cancer cells – and thus are of great support to the immune system.

Pygeum Africanum

LeptoConnect also contains Pygeum Africanum, or African Cherry. This small fruit contains special phytosterols, nutrients that support improve intercellular communication and may help support the leptin “satiety” signals. As an added bonus, Pygeum Africanum is believed to further support libido levels.

Red Rasperries

Full of powerful antioxidants to helps support good health

Cat’s Claw

Supports a healthy digestive system.

Saw Palmetto

Has numerous health benefits.

Other LeptoConnect Ingredients

In addition to the above powerful ingredients, LeptoConnect also contains Vitimins B6 and E along with Copper & Zinc.

Value & Price

LeptoConnect is a mid-range weight loss supplement, you can get a 1 month supply for about 60 bucks. But when you consider the crazy amount of ingredients, 2 bucks a day doesn’t seem like a lot!

If you order 3 months worth, the price drops to $49/bottle, if you order 6 months worth, the price drops to $39/bottle. Also, if you order multiple months, you’ll receive a colon cleanse for free.


LeptoConnect is so sure you will love their product that they have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no risk!


If you are concerned about losing fat, and can’t seem to get over the hump, then LeptoConnect is for you. The price is very reasonable for the amount of ingredients, all of which have been shown to have significant health benefits. If the emotional burden of weight loss is too much to bear, let LeptoConnect help you.