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Kyvio is one of the best marketing platforms that help us in selling our products to consumers. Through this platform, we can easily sell our digital as well as the physical product. This software comes with a membership builder, affiliate center, panel builder and an email marketing center. There are several options that this platform provides. Sometimes a user gets confused regarding the unique selling feature provided by this software. As per the Kyvio Reviews, software mainly focuses on the membership size as compared to the optimized sales funnels.

Kyvio Reviews

There are several factors that make this platform unique from others. Here in the below section, we have given the detailed Kyvio Review that will help you in knowing more about this software.

An Introduction to Kyvio

Nowadays, the digital world has become so advanced. For every business, the website plays an important role.  In this era of hyperconnectivity movement of the users get connected to the internet and social media platform by using the smartphones and other devices. There are several website builder and content management systems available online that one can use easily. Now the question is why do we need to use Kyvio?

Well, the answer is very simple. This platform specializes in converting visitors into customers due to its sales funnel option. Kyvio is one of the famous sales funnel focused software available online.

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First Impressions

Earlier Kyvio was named as Instasuite. And later on due to some technical glitches and another issue the name gets changed to Kyvio. The first impression on the software depends upon the requirement of the user.

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Page Builder/Smart Funnels Module

While working with the Kyvio Page Builder it seems like some are going back to future episodes. When some elements do not work, the blocks look dated.

In comparison, ClickFunnels comes with much better elements and a number of paid plus free templates. If you are on WordPress, Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro, and Thrive Architect do the job really well.

Considering the Smart Funnels Module of Kyvio, there are several Upsell and Downsell things available. Well, these things are not meant for any use.

Membership Module

In WordPress, plugins usually work for the served content as compared to the perhaps link like some E-commerce stores. Well, Kyvio is not spectacular but it is called when comes to the membership card. This software contains the ability to feed the drip content. Well, with this platform user does not need to think about the person who signs up as a member downloaded everything and left. The multiple concurrent memberships is another best feature of this platform. Through this Kyvio site, the user can easily sell multiple courses. This platform is considered as one of the most powerful tools that will help a person in growing his or her business.

Along with advantages, there are several weaknesses this software comes with. If we compare this platform with some other platforms then there are several weaknesses that are needed to be solved.

If a user does not go through the sales funnel then he/she cannot sell the membership products.  In case the user does not follow the procedure then it may become weird to set up an account and link it to the WordPress page.

Till now, as per the details, the Coupon codes and discounts are not available. That is the reason; a customer cannot give their loved ones discount on the rates of the products.

Why Kyvio?

Users who are willing to work and focus on developing courses having values must consider the Kyvio platform.  There are several features including WordPress’ Restrict Content Pro + Page Builder or ClickFunnels, this platform has much more capabilities to grow and headed towards success.

Comparison of Kyvio perform with some of the main competitions

Kyvio vs ClickFunnels

If we compare Kyvio with ClickFunnels then it can be stated that Kyvio is unpolished. As compared to the prices, Kyvio is must less costly than the ClickFunnel.  Talking about the prices than the ClickFunnel costs $97/month and Kyvio costs $29/month. But in several manners, ClickFunnels is better to use. Furthermore, the page builder of ClickFunnel gives a better space to the WordPress leading page builders in return of money.

Coming to the Memberships Funnel then on the Membership Module Kyvio places more emphasis than the ClickFunnels.  If in case the user is willing to avail extra lessons regarding the ClickFunnels Membership level, then it will not be possible.  Furthermore, if you are looking for a Sales Funnels system that is easy to use and also you are in a hurry then you can choose ClickFunnels.

Kyvio vs WordPress

When a user is willing to focus only on the selling and membership function then the Kyvio platform plays a better role than WordPress. If a user is hosted on the website then that means he is not required to think twice regarding the security of the membership site along with the speed of the site.

There is no affiliate software comes with the lowest tier of Kyvio. The lowest tier comes at $29/mo. In order to get the Smart Affiliates module, the user needs to pay $69/mo. At this price, the user gets around 1000 affiliates.

If you are planning to focus on your affiliate marketing growth then you may go for WordPress instead. Apart from that you can also go for AffiliateWP and Restrict Content Pro or MemberPress and Affiliate Royale.

Should a user go for Kyvio?

If a user is having a tight budget and he/she is not willing to pay the amount of $97 per month for ClickFunnel then he can choose Kyvio. This platform will also provide a proper Products module.

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Why should a user not go for Kyvio?

If you are willing to avail something more professional and also able to handle the backups, site security and hosting then you must go for the Kyvio platform.  Rather you can go for the WordPress’ Restrict Content Pro for getting the alterations and themes done.  By using this, you will get an attractive site.

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The Conclusion

At last, all we can say is that Kyvio is an interesting software platform having great potential. This SaaS-based Sales Funnel software is quite unpolished for now. It is not as much matured like other platforms.

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