How To Use Webmaster Tools For Seo

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Um. Today I am going to tell you how you can work easily with Google Webmaster Tools A.K.A (GWMT). The Google webmaster tool is the old name, recently Google has updated WMT to GSC and the full name is Google Search Console.  GSC is very famous across SEO & blogging users.

How to use google webmaster tools for blogger

Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google INC, GSC is all in one tool which help us to check many things on our website such as:

  • what is our Crawl rate?
  • How search Engine bot render our Web site?
  • How many Backlink has been indexed?
  • Does our website hacked by anyone else or does our website attack by any malware virus or not?
  • Submit a sitemap
  • Crawl important web pages
  • 404 error pages notification

Everyone having a question in the mind that how to use Google webmaster tools properly & accurately. Let’s me tell you one thing that Google search console is not a tough tool to use compared to other tools available on the market. No other tools available in marketing who work flawlessly like search console with all the feature.

Let’s start working verifying website on google search console

How to use google webmaster tools with WordPress

Open the website Google search console in your browser. You need to sign up or need to sign in to work in GSC. After login, you will see a screen like shown below.

You can see the Google search console dashboard. On the right-hand site, you can see help & preference setting option. On the left-hand side you can see there is 3 option name as

  • Home
  • All Message
  • Other Resources

Google webmaster tools add site

On the Left-hand side, you can see a red button with title Add Property click on it to add your website. And submit. On submitting the website it will take you to another page when you can see verified your website from the given option. Why do I need to verify my website? As we verify with our website with the given option, Google can track your website data and show in your panel feed.

Add new website property

By default Google will show you the recommended option to verify the website, but if you think you can’t verify with given option you can choose an alternative method to verify the website. Start with click recommended you to verify your website by downloading the file given by Google search console. The file name will be like this: google619a2ks9y531dd5d.html and then you need to upload it to your root folder with the help of FTP or Cpanel so it will look like this: google619a2ks9y531dd5d.html.

After uploading the file you can click on verifying and that’s it. Your website is verified with search console tool. If you can’t upload the file in the root domain, then you have to select an alternative option. There are 4 alternative options given by search tool such as:

  • HTML Tag
  • Domain Name provider
  • Google Analytic
  • Google tag manager

Start with click recommended to select HTML Meta tag option. You just need to add single line Meta code in the head part of your website. Make sure header file should be common if you’re working on a static website. If you are working on WordPress then you have to upload this code in header.php file from appearance > editor > header.php file. Code will like this: <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”D38XXtOksoRO0jQnz8Y38nGcOgsGhCJOd707ZhQ28UE” /> and submit or update the page and verify it in Google search console.

Webmaster tools dashboard

After verifying website came again on the home page or you can say Google search console dashboard. Here you can see each and every website which you had verified with search console. Search console will show any information regarding your website in the dashboard panel as shown below.

As you can see it showing a red and yellow notification. A Red notification bar showing severe health issue with the site. What does it mean? It means maybe your website having the robots.txt file which blocking website to crawl by the search engine or your website having some malware detection or some important pages has been removed.

If you are seeing yellow notification bar, click on View detail it will take you to another page where you can see some important and useful information which helps your website to improve and rank higher in search queries. Now the question will arise what type of important information Google search console sharing. Let me explain all, the term:

  • Make sure you add all the versions of your website in search console such as ‘http://’, ‘https://’, ‘www.’, ‘non-www’ version for your site.
  • Make sure you select a preferred version of your website so that it can help you and the search engine to show which version you need to rank in the search query.
  • Select your website targeted Country, If you want to rank high only in India you can select it from the given panel, and your website will rank in targeted countries.
  • Submit a Sitemap, which help search spider or you can say bot to crawl all the important pages of the website.

This is just an Overview of the search console dashboard. Now let’s work with search tools.

Let’s click on your website name and you will see the dashboard which shows you important news or you can say notification messages, Current Status of your website, Search Analytics & Sitemap. Did you notice on the left-hand side links has been changed? Dashboard & Messages are common and rest we will learn today.

Search Appearance. In search Appearance, you can see some sub-links such as Structure Data, Data Highlighter, HTML Improvements and Site links.

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What Does Structured Data Do?

Structured Data help you in resolving all the markup error which website is facing. An error which you can face will be because of microformat which is supported by mostly all the top search engine to display, microdata on search engine knowledge graph and in search engine ranking as well. Maybe while creating microdata for star rating or for local business citation schema code you had missed code markup up which create this issue.

How to work With Data highlighter?

Google search console provides an exclusive feature data highlighter, everyone wants to highlight data of the website in the SERPs. The question arises which data we can highlight in search results. You can highlight your rating, your customer review, Article, Events, Product, Restaurant, Software application & TV Episode as well. If you’re sharing movie information then you can share it on search result page. According to Google latest update, you can now highlight your local business listing in with the help of google data highlighter to highlight you NAP in SERP & in the knowledge graph which represents on the right-hand side of the search result.

Do I Need An Html Improvements?

When Google spiders came to crawl/index your website, if it detects any issue regarding the web page content such as duplicate content, copy content or some missing tags such as Meta title tag or Meta description tags then it will show you an error notification in the HTML Improvement dashboard. You might be thinking how it’s helpful to us.

If your website gets an issue regarding HTML builds up, then the same issue occurs when the user came across the website, which creates bad impressing of your website, to avoid this error Google helps by displaying following updates in the panel.

Error on the page would not effect on your site while displaying on the search engine result page, but if you pay attention to it, then it will take your website traffic on a higher level. Improvement in HTML code can lead you to drive high traffic on the website.

How to Use Sitelinks to drive more traffic?

A few years ago Google added a new feature called site links which help to drive more traffic. What is Site link? The site link is nothing, just a navigation link on your website which Google uses to drive more traffic to your website. Where can you see the site link? Google will show the best navigation link in the search result. Currently, the Google algorithm automatically generates the site link but in future, there is some chance regarding the manual selection of the site links. But if Google has selected wrong navigation link in site link, then you can demote that links from the Google search console tools. Under the search appearance > Sitelink you can see the search box with your domain name Just enter your URL which you want to demote, make sure you’re the admin of the website otherwise you can’t demote the site link.

The Best Things about Search Analytics

You love many people, but does anyone love you? Um. Confusion… Still thinking… Think later about this… If you’re getting better search query then defiantly user love your website. Search Analytics will show each and everything regarding your keywords, such as which keywords ranked in which position. From where you are searching your keywords. What is the Avg? CTR of the website? How many times your search keywords in the search engine which is an impression.  Which page rank and how much clicks are coming on individual pages. Is your user using your website from a desktop or from mobile? Everything will be in front of you.

Link to your site – Power of the authority.

To get ranked in search engines we all are working hard & smart, the best way to rank is with On-Page & Off-Page Method. When you’re doing link building you’re creating the outbound links which represent and point to your website. If you had selected the best quality niche with backlink you will get traffic. When good crawl the page where you had generated the backlink it will index and it’s shown in the link to your site dashboard. In the panel of Link to your site, you can see from where you get the highest & lowest backlink juice. With backlinks, you can get the report how your data are linked to the given URL.

Internal Link – Most Powerful Links

Many experts & consultant has said that try to get maximum internal links as internal links are best to get higher in the search engine. Internal link can help you to attach to the customer. When customer landed on your website, the internal link helps to drive customer from one page to another page, which will reduce bounce rate and help customers to find what he or she went. You can find each and every internal URL data in the dashboard, how much internal link juice your navigation links getting.

Website Hacked – Manual Action will help you.

Google Search console, manual action help you when your website has been hacked. Normally it will show no manual webspam action found.

Need your website rank worldwide – International Targeting option will help you.

If I want to rank my keywords internationally, then with the help of Meta language code you can rank in the international market. If you just want to rank in a particular country such as I want to start with click bank in India, so I had selected India in the country option.

Mobile usability – Mobile Responsive.

If your website facing mobility responsive issues, then mobile usability will detect it and show you in the dashboard. This problem occurs when you’re using an HTML template (static) website.

Under the google status, you can see index status.

In Index Status, you can see how many pages of the website have been indexed by search engine. If you select the advanced version you can check how many pages has been blocked by the robots which are not allowed to crawl by the search engine, and how many pages has been removed.

Content keywords significant can lead you to rank in SERPs.

When Google bot crawls and index your website, it catches all the variant of the words & keywords you have used on the website and make a list of it. When you review with your search queries you will notice this was the same keywords which you had targeted on the website. By changing you’re getting content, keywords such as ‘game betting’ which is not an appropriate word or not related to your website then it’s a sign that your website has been “Hacked”. In if you are not getting proper keywords significant then am recommending you to update your web page properly and upload website sitemap in search console or crawl your sitemap.xml.

10 solid reasons to avoid blocked resources

When you avoid any search engine bot to crawl the resources then it can show blocked resources error. What type of resources can be blocked? Resources such as Images, CSS, .Js,Html file or .php file. As search engine bot fetch this type of error it while crawling web page it will show you with the URL.

Temporary Demote From Search Result.

While working on any web page and you had published by mistake and spider has indexed that page now you want to remove that page temporary then you can use to Remove URL tools. Easy to use and work smartly. Work and update your web page and remove URLs from temporary remove URL tools and fetch your web page again to get it in rank.

Fight with a soft 404 Crawl error.

At the time of crawl and index, many time search engines got the 404 0r soft 404 error while is broken links. Url is there, but not pointing any page so it can create problems with our website, so need to solve asap. As search engine also want we fixed that error soon it will show URL facing 404 error plus it will help us by showing from which page 404 error coming.

Crawl stats.

Crawl stats show you the detail of how many web pages crawl every day. Along with every day crawl detail it will help you to understand how many kilobyte and time it consume every day while crawling a website.

Fetch as a Google amazing feature of the search console.

If you use this feature properly, then you can rank high on all your web pages. How is it possible? Whenever you publish a new page or post just inform URL to google to crawl your web page. It responds in real time and your web page will be crawl and index. You can see the web page in SERPs. Customer start clicking your web page which leads to increase the CTR of your web page.

Robots.txt tester.

This feature shows you your live robots.txt and helps you to inform crawler when you update your robots.txt file. You can also check which page or recourse is blocked to crawl.

How to submit your sitemap to google?

You can add your sitemap part to search console, which indicated search spider which is your sitemap and how your websites interlink with each other pages.

Short Conclusion of the article for my Lovely Reader.

What is Webmaster tools and how to use it to increase website traffic? How to check whether your website is hacked or not, what happened when search engine can’t find any web page on the server. How to inform crawler to crawl your web page. How to submit a sitemap and much more information I the had share for my reader. Kindly share your important review or if I need to update any information. Waiting for your comments!!!

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