How To Start Blog Mystery

So You want to start Blog?

Need an Ideate to write a Blog

First of all, you need to find your niche topic.

For finding a niche topic you need follow your heart not your mind. What are you passionate about? What do you spend your free time doing? Let take my example, I love blogging, I love doing research on SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing etc.

Stay Laser focused on content, the reader should know what to expect when they visit your blog. Don’t write such thing that a visitor closes your blog without reading completely.

Be original, this is your own blog. Own it and write it. Don’t constantly re-post something else article on your blog. Search engine and reader don’t like it.

Discover Your Voice

Be genuine, the visitor is smarter than you, they can catch you easily, everyone can spot that your fake. Which will be a bad impression in front of the visitor?

Try this exercise, Talk out a post as you write it. Instead of worrying how it sounds as you write, go back and edit later.

Be light-hearted in front of your reader, don’t be hashed while writing the post or while communicating your audience in the comments. Even if you’re writing about something serious, it helps to infuse your writing with some levity. Don’t be afraid to be informal, even breezy.

It’s very tempting to mimic your favorite writers, especially at first. If you find yourself falling into that trap, don’t panic: Just backtrack slowly and be yourself.

General Tips

  • Choose a reliable web host.
  • Blog about something you’re passionate about.
  • determine your niche and focus on it.
  • Select a good Content Management System. I Recommend WordPress.
  • Be consistent. Schedule your blog posts.
  • Find Inspiration to stay motivated.
  • Take time to explore. Learn Something new.
  • Include “About page“, “Contact info“, “Privacy policy“.
  • Backup your blog regularly.

Choose Your Tactics

Where you should write the blog is the main question, do I start with bloggers/WordPress or with own domain or with something else.

Select a Blog & Domain Name

The blogging world is over-saturated, so a simple name and design stand out. Match your blog and domain name. Make it your own. Being similar to someone else is unoriginal and mess with SEO. I will suggest Bluehost for Domain & Hosting. Up to 51 % Off Coupon Code: HERO

Pick a Content Management System (CMS)

I will suggest selecting CMS such as WordPress, blogger, Tumblr, square space and Typepad are the most common ones. WordPress is the most widely used CMS, with around 60% of the market share, likely due to its huge ability to customize. Choose based on functionality (what do you need your blog to do?) And the design template you like. Some CMS’s do host, domains, and content management – so choose wisely!

Be Interesting

  • Write Original & useful content.
  • Provide examples.
  • Provide Infographics.
  • USE CTA (call to action) words.
  • Offer freebies.
  • Review the content quality. Ask yourself “Does it make sense? Does it add value to my reader?”

Grow your presence in front of the reader.

Create a schedule, whether it’s every day, three times a week or alternative Tuesday, find what works best for you. This makes consistency in blogging. Stick to your schedule as your reader will know your schedule, and will keep coming back to check your new article.

Engagement with your reader is the main motive to make your blog active. Make it easy don’t make your readers signup or login to make a comment, they won’t and ignore commenting. Respond to comments & emails, the feedback you get is one of the most amazing parts of blogging, so take advantage of it! You will make the greatest connections and, most likely, some really good friends.

Optimize Your Layout

  • Avoid flash.
  • Add a search box.
  • Use clear navigation.
  • Use responsive design.
  • Pick the right color combination.
  • Create a custom 404 page.
  • Use breadcrumbs and pagination wisely.
  • Select a theme that fits your brand.
  • Display Related posts.
  • Use “browsershot” for a cross-browser compatibility check.
  • Use “Disqus” or “commentluv” as your comment system.
  • Add sitemap to your site.
  • Validate your site.

Use Visual Aids.

A great smartphone is all you need to start. A DSLR takes it to the next levels. Try taking a how-to angle in your area of expertise, as these are the most searched and viewed. For the design-inclined, these are incredibly shareable. Not all of your feedback will be positive, and it’s tempting to whip off a snappy comeback. Don’t do it – Respond later with a clear head instead.

Connect with the world with the Reader

Claim your handles, build your community and amplify. Make sure everyone can follow you everywhere, easily.

Fact Time

  • Network at events!
  • Link to other bloggers.
  • Comment on your favorite sites.
  • Email your favorite writers and bloggers for a deeper connection.
  • Follow them on Twitter.
  • Attend a blog conference.
  • Offer to guest post on your favorite site or blogs that publish similar content.
  • Perfect your elevator pitch.

How You Can Promote Your Blog Post

You spent hours researching, writing, finding graphics and uploading your posts, but your work isn’t done yet. To get the most out of each blog post, you need to promote it as much as you can. Some of my ways am going to share with you which can help in promoting your each blog post. most of which are free. With a little work and planning, you’ll get the most leverage out of each post.

Blog success tips

  • Don’t copy someone else content, think and write your own view. Don’t wear mask on your face while writing blog. Be authentic and share your voice. There’s only one YOU!
  • If you want to get reader on your blog, be consistent with your blogging effect. Post regularly, weekly or monthly. Stick with your blogging schedule.
  • Add some visual appealing with your post. This will make blog relevant and original. Don’t steal others image or gave cite to the website where your taking image.
  • Building a following take time. The advantage “If you build it, they will come” is incorrect. Instead, think “if you market it, they will come.”

Social Media sharing each post can be your first avenue for promotion.

  • Add it on your personal & business pages, groups & through ads.
  • Schedule it on twitter 2-3 times per day (change the title) next 30 days.
  • Create a board specifically for all your blog posts and pin each post to it.
  • Share on your LinkedIn profile, in group you belong to and through ads.
  • Share with your circles, on google+ for added SEO benefits.

Bookmarking site have millions of users. Add them to your strategy.

  • Create an account on stumble upon and start stumbling your posts.
  • Submit each post to Digg to share with others and help them discover.
  • One of the most popular bookmark sites, Reddit is a must.
  • Help other discovers your posts when you submit to delicious.
  • The top search engine for blogs, Technorati is a must.

Don’t forget to optimized each blog post for specific keywords.

Your contacts sign up for your newsletter or RSS feed because they want to hear form you.

  • Add your latest blog post in your email newsletters.
  • Share your blog with people in groups or forums you belong to.
  • Add your blog post to your email signature using
  • Send an email to your list with your latest blog post and ask them for feedback.
  • An RSS feed automatically pushes your posts to those who sign up.

Leverage other bloggers’ network to gain more exposure.

  • Comment on relevant blogs and include a link to your blog post.
  • Submit it as a guest post to other relevant blogs( with a bit rewriting).
  • Ask influential bloggers to link to your relevant blog posts.
  • Submit it as a reprint to other relevant blogs.
  • Join a blogging community and exchange links with other bloggers

It’s not about blogging more, It’s about promoting more.

Syndication allows you to spread your content across many networks. Here are ten sites that make syndicating your blog posts super easy:

  • – allows you to syndicate to over 50 different sites.
  •– help you connect with other bloggers to share ideas and posts.
  • – distributes your blog posts to publishers like,, and
  • – submit your blog on amazon kindly publisher and get paid when kindly owners read it.
  • – get found and get more traffic when you submit your blog. Also links to Facebook.
  • – syndicates content in every category. From autos and food to business and sports.
  • – if you provide business-related content, this site is a must.
  • – syndicates your blog posts to sites like and

You don’t have to sign up with all these sites. pick 2-3 that are the best fit for your industry and focus on those. having the same content appear on too many sites can actually hurt your search engine rankings.

Share Your opinion & review on blogging It will help another reader. Let grown together.

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