How to Increase Your Click Through Rate in Google?

How to Increase Your Click Through Rate in Google?

How to increase your CTR in Google?

How to improve your CTR on Google?

How to optimize your CTR in search results?

Have a good position in Google is the first step towards more traffic. More clicks with the same position by improving your Click Through Rate enables, however, to obtain results more quickly. We’ll see how using computer graphics published on Search Engine Land showing 11 tactics to increase your CTR on Google.

Increase your click through rates on Google

Improve your Click Through Rate has three virtues:

  • You can generate more traffic with the same position.
  • You can generate more conversions with a high click through rate.
  • Your pages tend to gain positions on Google With a high CTRs in the search result.

Google uses hundreds of signals to determine the SEO of a page and determine whether a page should be placed on top of another for a given query. These SEO factors, there are 3 main groups:

  1. Factors related to the content, length, relevance
  2. Factors related to links pointing to a page: backlinks, internal mesh, site structure …
  3. Factors related to Rankbrain, the artificial intelligence allowing Google algorithm continuously optimize its results based on user behavior when searching on the Internet. Essentially, therefore, the quality criteria.

Among the criteria taken into account by Rankbrain: time spent on the page and on the site, the number of pages visited, bounce rate and … the click through rate of your pages in search results. If you’re not convinced, check out the study of Larry King on the correlation between CTR and position on Google. For my part, all my tests validate its findings so I stop here, work your clickthrough rate.

11 tips to improve your Click Through Rates

11 tips to improve your CTR

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