How to find an original blog idea?

You want to create a blog, but you do not know how to find an original blog idea? Do not panic! Here is an article made for you! To ensure success and to attract as many visitors as possible, we will explain here the best methods to identify the subjects that cardboard on the net!

The most important to succeed his blog

Want to get started in creating a blog and try to make money like a lot of bloggers? If this is your case, we will have to organize and go step by step. Indeed, nothing will be randomized, and the best web marketing techniques will have to be used without moderation! Finding an original blog idea will not necessarily be easy. But, as an innovative creator in his field, a defined plan will be indispensable to maximize your chances of success. And to start, a market study will have to be carried out.

How to choose the underlying niches for a blog

In the first time, it would be unusual to select several topics that you are passionate about. There is no point in trying to deal with topics where you would not be “comfortable.” Why would you tell me? If not the difficulty you might encounter while writing, your articles would leave no flavor or enthusiasm to the readers. And, on this point, it will be impossible for you to lie about anything.

How to find an original blog idea

Finding an original blog idea

Take, for example, 4 or 5 different niches that you are passionate about (for example, computer science, video games, football or cooking).

Finding a niche for your blog

Once these niches noted on your beautiful A4 sheet, you will proceed to the next step. This will consist of finding a niche to specialize in your field.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is a narrow market dealing with a particular topic. The main interest of the company is to be able to distance itself from a competition that is too often present and imposing. On the other hand, specializing in a defined segment of the market makes it possible to express itself to a targeted audience. What better way to retain your readers by offering detailed and rare information on the web?

Now, you need to enter a sub-category of your niches to find the perfect original idea for your blog. With your 4 examples, you could turn to:

  • Latest Intel computing and Intel processors.
  • Video games and the new Nintendo console output.
  • Football and the Olympique Lyonnais team.
  • The cuisine and Indian culinary specialties.

Do you not find the sub categories that match you? Do not hesitate to browse the websites, forums or community networks. By browsing through these pages, you will also have a clear idea about the market concerned (the more a subject is found quickly and often, the more likely it is to gather as many readers).

It is now time to test, on your favorite search engine, the total number of pages in results found and the kind of leaders at the first rankings. Thus, you will already have a more precise idea about supply and demand.

Choose original niches for your blog

You are already well advanced in your project at this stage. Let us now turn to the important points to guide your choice more precisely.

Gauge the minimum number of readers possible for his blog

Having a rough idea of the minimum number of your next readers is essential before you get started. To do this, get your 4 blog topics and efficient tools to view these statistics.

Google Insights, the perfect tool for your blog

Google Insights, is available on the Internet and can be found on the Internet to help you get keyword statistics on search engines since 2004.

There are of course other tools equivalent to this one. Despite the competition, its ease of use and efficiency make Google Insights a leader in the field; Why deprive yourself?

Earn money with your blog

Another important aspect to finding an original idea of the effective blog: the monetization of your project. Indeed, it is wise to be able to manage his blog with passion while making money. For this, another study will have to be carried out among the prospects to check if your niches correspond to the demand. In this case, your best ally will probably be Adsense or alternative.

Adsense, or how to integrate advertising into your blog

To be able to monetize your blog, Adsense will allow you to integrate income-generating ads. How does it work? Start at first to sign up on the Google Adsense site. Once you have registered, you will be able to enter the web address of your blog. Some advertisements will be made to your e-newspaper under different window sizes.

Depending on your blog topic, the ads will have more or less success with your readers. To know this, ask yourself the following question:

“Can my subject matter encourage to sell some products on the same niches?”

In the case, for example, of a blog about the latest video games released on a handheld console, advertisements on the latest games usually prompt an interesting number of clicks. Obviously, every click will be monetized; Provoking at the end of the month an interesting amount of money. Other subjects, on the other hand, do not bring real reactions from your readers. Although this is only one additional aspect, taking this factor into account is important.

In conclusion?

In order to find an original blog idea, it will be imperative for you to go through a thorough study of your project to ensure you coveted success. With many free tools available on the internet, do it step by step and do not forget that nothing is easy: you have to know how to start small to hope to become great!

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