How Startwithclick Get Alexa Ranking Under 1 Lac In Weeks

Hi, friends how are you? How your blogging going on!!! Every blogger wants to get Alexa ranking under 1 Lakh as soon as possible. Today am going to show you how Startwithclick gets under 1 lakh, within few weeks. Yeah, Startwithclick is under 1,00,000 within few weeks.

What is Alexa?

 Alexa ( ) is California base company. Alexa establishes in 1996. Amazon is a parent company & founder of Alexa. Alexa helps to get website data such as website traffic and website analytics.

Mostly all the blogger & internet marketer had installed Alexa toolbar. (You can download Alexa toolbar).

alexa tool barAlexa gets its ranking data from that to itself. In short if anyone open your blog and they have installed Alexa toolbar, Alexa will rank your blog. Check Startwithclick Alexa Rank.

Startwithclick Alexa ranking Report

Startwithclick Alexa ranking

Before sharing how you can get ranking under 1,00,000. I want to say something to you. Mostly all the blogger having in the mind to improve Alexa rank just to get the better advertiser. In short to earn money from advertising. No Doubt blogger working to earn money. But some blogger only wants to depend on Direct advertising income only.Currently, my intention is not to earn from direct advertising.

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Can I also get Alexa ranking below 1,00,000?

Yes..!! Like me, you can also get your blog Alexa ranking under 1 lakh. In this article am going to describe complete way, how you can also get Alexa ranking under 1 lac in few weeks. You can read it all.!!

Every blogger want to boost their  rank? But how to boost is a major question.

Alexa Ranking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

There are may ways to get rank, Want to know step by step how I got my website ranking?

Basically, I start blogging on 13th October 2015. As I say above I don’t work on improving Alexa ranking for direct advertising. The main goal of Startwithclick is just to offer most resources to newbies blogger. My Alexa getting improve day by day because in my case the reason is something else.

Claim Your Blog In Alexa

Website traffic is the important part in website ranking. To get better ranking in Alexa. First of all, you should get register your blog in Alexa. Claim your Blog & do verify by inserting meta code in header file verify in Alexa dashboard same as we did google webmaster tools.

After verifying blog. Give 24 hr of time to Alexa to collect website information & traffic data. Check out your blog after 24-36 hr. It will start showing you, your blog traffic data with website traffic analytics.

How to increase traffic for Alexa ranking.

How to get alexa rank under 1 lakh in weeks

Build Quality & Relevant Niches Backlink For Your Article

Now you need to improve your website traffic by doing various SEO activities such as writing the proper title of the blog, writing complete information in the description about the article. Applying ALT Tag in the image. Alt tag help searches engine to rank images in SERP.

Getting the link from an authority site. High authority site having a great visitor traffic. Sharing your article there pull out their visitor to read your blog. Which led to the great source of traffic.

Getting authority from high directory website, No matter how slow it give the result. But the result will be best.

You can start doing content curation of your blog which shares great traffic.

Writing an article on different website drives great traffic to your site which helps in ranking authority. You can share your article on Startwithclick as a guest contributor.

Social Sharing Drive Quality Traffic In No Time

Sharing the valuable review in the blog comment on the various niche website and via many other methods.

Social sharing ping high signal to the search engine to rank article in search results. Encourage your visitor to share your article on a social sharing site such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn etc. I had used IFTTT which helps a lot to drive great traffic with sharing high authority to my site.

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How To Use Alexa Widget To Rank Under 1.00.000 Fast

Installing Alexa widget is not a rocket science. There is few plugin which you can use. I had used Alexa rank widget plugin for my WordPress site. Just install plugin & you will find it in widget section. Put where you want & change website name. & it will work flawlessly.

The Quality Post For Alexa Rank

While in beginning all blogger want to post tons of article. Just want a few quantity of article. But reader & search engine need quality, not quantity. Spent sometimes for researching & writing quality content. Actually, the visitor comes back only if you have quality content.

Blogger Engagement

It’s very important to get engaged with other bloggers/webmaster who can share their review & point while doing comment on your article which will be the beneficial to both of us.

Newsletter Opt-In Help Alexa Ranking

Place 1-2 newsletter opt-in form, So that visitor can opt-in for the newsletter. Newsletter drives maximum traffic. You will find more than 50% CTR. You can use MailChimp for email marketing.


Anyways, This is some tips for getting  low down your blog Alexa ranking. If you have any more tips regarding how to rank in Alexa, kindly share with you. Share your view in the comment box. I would admire to acknowledge if you believe in Alexa traffic rank & any know any additional way to increase stats for your site.

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