How Professional Blogging is Different from Hobby Blogging


In the internet world, Blogging is now a very common word. People blog for various reasons; some do to promote their business, some do just for hobby, some do to make money, and there are many other reasons.

In this post, I am going to talk about the difference between Hobby blogging and Professional blogging.

Hobby blogging is something which you do whenever you want or have something to write and share online. It’s like an online diary-writing in which you write and post anything you want regardless of niche.

Professional Blogging is something which you do to make money from your online efforts. You usually publish articles within your niche which you choose keeping its profitability in mind.

By reading the above definitions, you can easily find out the difference. Moreover, I am sharing few more things that speak about how professional blogging is different from hobby blogging.

  • Money Making: The very first thing is money making. Hobby blogging is not done for making money. It’s just like writing your own diary online. Whereas, professional blogging is done for earning money.
  • Niche Selection: Hobby blogging doesn’t need selecting a niche because it’s like writing everything you want. I am doing hobby blogging; I would write about my daily life, about my new phone, about my health, about the movie I just watched and even more things. On the other hand, if I am a professional blogger I must choose a niche that is profitable, and content written will be within the niche.
  • SEO: Hobby blogging doesn’t need SEO because hobby bloggers don’t need massive They just share what they want. They don’t invest time or money to get traffic. Whereas Professional blogging needs SEO because it ensures more traffic from search. And more traffic can be used to make money by monetizing the blog.
  • Competitor Analysis: You don’t need to analyse competitors’ blog analysis because in reality there are no competitors if you do hobby blogging. On the other hand, if you do professional blogging, competitor analysis is very important to know what they are doing to get traffic and engagement, from where they are getting backlinks, and many other things. So that you can later reverse engineer these to try to beat the competition.
  • Consistency: Hobby blogging doesn’t need consistency because it is not intended to make money or make a big brand. But, professional blogging really needs consistency because without being the consistent success is far in blogging. And, if you are a professional blogger, you must want to succeed and make huge cash of your efforts.

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These are a few difference between professional and hobby blogging. Both are good in their own ways. But, there are options to earn money, why not do professional blogging rather than just doing hobby blogging?

Still, it’s a personal choice of doing the blogging the way they want. But, I would recommend going for professional blogging as you can cash out your efforts.

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