High PR websites List of 2019

Hey, everyone. Working smart is the short way to get rank in few days. So working as smart SEO Specialist, let’s start building high-quality inbound links from High PR websites which I had saved for you. Here is 20 Top website list from where you can build Domain Authority of your website, By creating the profile and submitting your website URL. Just create & Drop your website link and wait for some hour to index those web page & you will get high authority backlink in just a few hour. This will boost your authority & traffic. You can check it out in webmaster tools you will get website backlink in 2-3 days.

We all know Google penguin algorithm don’t like 1000s of quantity backlink from the single domain. Penguin loves Quality backlink or you can say referral backlink.

 High PR websites List

So, here is the list guys….

Facebook.comCreate a page for your business. Submit your website URL in about section which will be visible on your Facebook page section.

Twitter.comCreate an account complete your profile and share your website URL in profile.

Tumblr.comPost and share your photos, articles, links, music, and videos. Use you site’s link on the profile page.

StumbleUpon.com: Share your website post with stumble upon friends and start getting traffic.

Flickr.comThe most popular photo sharing site. You can drop your site’s URL on the profile page.

YouTube.comThe most popular video sharing site. Create your profile and add the link to your site.

Pinterest.com: Another image sharing site like Flickr. Create an account and submit website URL in profile.

Google Plus: Create your account complete your profile and submit your website URL. You can create your business page and submit your website URL there also.

Instagram.com: Sign up into Instagram from the phone and submit your website URL.

Crunchbase.comSignup with a social account, You can submit your website URL in profile, Create your company / blog page & submit your article in the news section.

Digg.comThe most popular news ranking site. Just you need to share your news/blogs with them if any article selected then it will be displayed on Digg homepage & share thousands & millions of traffic in short time. Be sure you have Good traffic handling server or else it will slow down your server.

Reddit.com: Another reputed & demanding news site. Similar to Digg. You can share your blog articles here.

Answers.yahoo.comYahoo provides Q&A website where you can ask or reply to already ask a question and you can share your website URL if your website or article have a proper answer.

Xanga.comA community blog. You can create your own microblogging site share your website link with it.

Kiva.orgA microfinance site. You can do the transaction from individual entrepreneurs. Create a profile page and share your website URL from your profile page.

Weebly.com: A web 2.0 site where you can create your own minisites and add you’re website profile to get the great cite.

eHOW.comeHow is specifically for sharing the blog on the category HOW TO.  Write how to blog or videos. You can share your website URL in your account profile. eHow is one of the best sources for How to the category to learn many new things.

WikiHow.com: WikiHow is Similar to eHow. You can create your own wiki page or modify some else wiki page but make sure modify content should be relevant. Before publishing article will be moderated by the author. You can submit your link in “Sources and Citations” section carefully. Don’t spam or submit on the inappropriate wiki page.

HubPages.comHubPages lets you create a profile where you can submit website URL + You can create your own content to share with hub pages with your relevant URLs.

Alltop.com: Alltop is a feed syndication or you can say feed submission site. Great site; it fetches new article automatically giving you backlink & traffic for free.


The updating new list soon. Kindly visit again to check out the new list.

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