Blogging: 3 Easy Ways to Discover your Passion

Are you tired to start a blog today only to discover that you have no passion for the topic to maintain the (long-term)?

Numerous of bloggers have gone through the same process and they have already quit their blog, not that they do not want to become professional bloggers, but because they have not yet discovered what was their passion.

I’ll help you to discover what’s your passion.

Passion is vital in the blogosphere (blogging). You can’t be successful if you are not passionate about a subject.

It helps you move forward when you do not develop your blog, and it even allows you to improve your content to your readers.

How can you know what is your passion?

Below I present three ways to discover your passion, to create a blog on a topic that really interests you.

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1. Look for the last 10 Dollar that keeps you awake all night

The first way to discover your passion is to look for the last 10 books you’ve read.

The books you have read not only include books that you read during your schooling (books that you no longer have reopened since that time).

Your passion can be found in the books that you have spent time and money to read them with interest.

What intrigued you most, the topics covered in the books, the authors of these books. All these questions may lead you to discover your passion for blogging.

Before starting my first blog, I watched a little what I like books, whether books concerning the business, travel, sport. Books that I bought with my own pocket and I enjoyed reading.

What’s great about this approach is that it can determine your level of expertise on a subject that may determine a greater extent, the success of your blog.

What do you expect to go to your library and re-discover all these books?

2. What your friends know about you

This is another quick way to find out what your passion. We all have friends with whom we speak, with whom we share ideas and plans for the future.

Take a moment and ask you what your friends know about you?

When you discuss with them what is the subject of which you can talk for hours and hours?

My friends know that I ‘like to talk about travel. Regardless, when the subject is always room I launched a few words because I love to travel, and the more I travel agent.

Your passion may be new technology, football, politics, seduction, photography, cooking etc …

Do not be afraid to talk with your friends. Learn to be free to discuss your passion with your friends.

3. The only thing to “complain” your parents

When we were kids there are things that attracted the attention of our parents, and this can lead to developing our passion for a topic to blog.

This perhaps has no value in the hearing but you can turn it into something productive, like being a busy person to become a speaker.

You know that thing your parents even complained when you grew up.

I do not mean frivolous interests for which your parents have a net stop. Passion is something different.

It is for you to know what qualities, skills that your parents spoke often. You must not give up until you know what your passion.

The truth about the successful bloggers

Everything I’ve shown what are the different ways to discover your passion. But you will say, “but I have no books or I do not read books, I have no friends or my parents never complain about me.”

Wait a minute.. is that you say you will never have success as a blogger.

That shock you?

Here’s the truth: if you do not read, or if you do not study, how do you teach others? A teacher or trainer must be better than his students.

Second, if you do not have friends with whom you can share ideas, you think you can do it online?

The best bloggers are brilliant and smart because they constantly learn and they develop friendships with other bloggers.

I’m not trying to discourage you.

Also do not be worried if you’re just starting to learn, study and develop friendships with others (online and offline).

Here I hope to help you through this article.

And how did you discover your passion? What is your passion?

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