Content marketing is KING

Hi, friends, marketing everywhere with the help of content which helps to build brands. Normally we all are doing marketing of many brands, for example, I had recently taken puma shoes and guys it an awesome shoe. Dell laptop is much better and handy to use. The Power of Yamaha is mind blowing. So, all these are the way of creating marketing & branding. You can also do marketing with the help of blog, article, infographics, video, Whitepapers etc. Etc. In this digital marketing era, content marketing is the most leading way to drive much more brand awareness & customer engagement.

Benefits Of Content Marketing


With the help of Content Marketing, you can easily target your audience for your products/services and engages them and possibly encourages profitable customer action.

  • Better ranking– Helps improve ranking for your website with Social Media.
  • Better keyword targeting– Get more visits to your site from a variety of topics with SEO.
  • More Content Marketing, More Traffic– Increase your range of targeted keywords with Email marketing.

Content, Visual & BloggingContent-Marketing-Is-King

Blogging: Start writing a blog for your website. Write quality articles, not quantity. Don’t publish a badly written blog. Maintain a schedule for your blog. Never publish content from the else site. Copy content can easily get penalized. Target the best and long tail keyword. Encourage social sharing on your blog to increase social signal & get more awareness of your brand. Don’t write lengthy paragraphs. Keep it short 2-3 line paragraph which is easy to read.

Press Release: Always include something new regarding your product or service. Take a proper time to make a catchy (sexy, seductive) headline which attracts readers. Don’t include a bunch of links. Don’t turn a press release in the sales pitch. Try to get a minimum grammatical mistake in the press release. You should use a professional press release template which is available on the market. The reader doesn’t want to see your stats, so try to avoid mentioning stats. Do cite sources of any stats or survey information if you’re showing stats. Don’t ignore PR guidelines.

Infographics: Try to make infographics visually appealing. You can insert number, stats, pie chart, bar graph which give visual appealing. Don’t copy someone else infographics. Don’t write too much that the reader gets confused. Promote your infographics on social sites such as Pinterest. Try to tell a story in infographics. Don’t make horizontal or adult infographics.

Guest Posting: Do follow the submission guidelines of the guest posting site. Include relevant links in the article. Don’t just post for link building. Write proper author bio for the guest post. Don’t get confused if your article gets rejected. Before submitting a guest post, kindly check site reputation. Don’t write on the topic which is outdated. Write on the trending topic. Response to comment if the article gets approved.

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How To Improve Content Marketing Skills.

  • Listen to what your customers ask you.
  • Know that google search is local.
  • Use Email marketing because it converts better.
  • People convert best (because people connect with people)
  • Don’t copy paste the big guys!
  • Google plus matters to you.
  • Longer content is good. (Google rewards longer content).
  • Develop an editorial calendar.
  • Use keywords.
  • Write for your audience, not for search engine.
  • Tell your story.
  • Write every day or twice a week.

What your reader need from you.

Buyers have a ravenous appetite for information when searching for things they want, or problems they wish to solve. They are also looking for sources they can trust.
Companies have jumped in to serve these buyers with content. they’re blogging, tweeting, sharing white papers, creating videos, sending emails and much more. But many are struggling with it. Some have the wrong message. Others have the wrong type of content for their audience. Still others have no content plan or promotion strategy.

These 7 Triggers position the reader at the CENTERS of communications in the Digital Marketing Age. You can turn your strategy right around using the CENTERS to attract & engage the loyal readers.


C – Connect

E – Engage

N – Nurture

T – Trust

E – Educate

R – Repackage

S – Share

Connect: You can send out all the messages, emails, reports, texts and tweets you want. But without making the connection, it will be difficult to get your reader engaged enough to want to interact with you and request more information.

Engage: Reader is overburdened with information, excessive multitasking, and “8 Second” attention spans. These are three key ways to engage them. One is to make the experience personal. What will grab your reader’s attention and keep them interested?

Nurture: Your prospect is interested. In fact, the reader goes as far as tell you so. If you lose reader attention now. They mostly went and searching for someone else blog. Content Marketing can be a great way to stay in touch and guide readers through their journey. If done well.

Trust: Build trust and credibility up front to get results with less effort. In less time, and make it more effective.

Educate: Readers can spend a lot of time researching. I also spend a lot of time to make a perfect article for my lovely reader. As I want to deliver perfect information which helps my reader. Be an educated reader, you act as a tour guide to help establish requirements and streamline the entire process. As they move further along the cycle. Educate them on your specific solutions. You will earn their trust and they’ll be much more open to your products service or on your blog.

Repackage: Content is an asset. You spend valuable time and money researching and planning to attract readers. Increase your return on investment and expand your reach by repackaging content in different forms for different needs.

Share: Take the element of the last six triggers and map out a plan to create content that gets results. Of course without sharing and promoting your content, you won’t get much visibility. Plan in advance all the website you wish to share and promote. Include them in your content plan. Just be sure your content is showing up where your ideal reader is and is addressing their needs throughout the flow.


Content Marketing is also a king to represent your content to the reader. Always write new and fresh content which help yours for Content Marketing. Don’t forget, 7 Triggers position the reader at the CENTERS. Kindly engaged with me on this post and share you review why Content Marketing is King.

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