Best Productivity Hacks for new Entrepreneurs

So, you’re all up there and want to achieve something new. Being productive has its benefits & its cons. As a father, mother, employee, or even a student you need a task management system that will keep you in place.

For this, you need to follow some tips to function properly & make the best of your time & energy.

Here are some tips that can help you get the most of your resources.

Best Productivity Hacks

  • Write things down

First & foremost you need to start writing things down. You can start with morning pages. Morning pages are one way to take the extra things out of your mind.

Right after you wake up you need to start writing whatever is comes to your mind.

When you write things down there is a greater chance that you will get it done. Writing things down means you’re serious about the task.

By writing things down you can also plan things ahead. You need to make sure that all the necessary things are jot down on the paper. Just after you have written things, you need to go for the big things. If you can start with few things that are written down, you will be able to do the big things in no time.

  • Visualize the result

What is the one thing that most successful athletes have in common?

Yes, they have the final picture in their mind. They work on the result & visualize their success.

The more you practice in your mind, the better you will get in real life.

The mind cannot differentiate between the actual thing and something that is visual in your mind. Whatever you think, your sub conscious considers it important and take the necessary steps to achieve that thing.

The best way to get more done is to start every task by mentally rehearsing the result in your mind. If you’re able to get it done in your mind first, you will be able to achieve that in actual form.

  • Kill the elephant first

The best way to do things fast is to do the most difficult thing first. Do the thing you fear and the fear will disappear. Whenever faced with so many tasks, do the things that are most difficult first.

When you take care of the most difficult thing first, you can do the rest of the task easily. To go for the best task management system, you need to do things in a way that achieve more.

Start with the hard things first and you will be able to do the easier things fast.

You don’t need to worry about finishing the hard task, for now, just start it and see how it goes.

  • Delegate fast

No one is fast in this imperfect world. You cannot do all things at once. You need to do things one at a time. You also cannot do all the things yourself.

Do the things that you are best at, but even with those tasks make sure you take only that much which you can handle.

Taking extra will only decrease your efficiency. Plan things that only you can do, and delegate the rest of the things.

It is not bad to admit that you alone cannot do all the things yourself. You can complete things to an extent and after that, you need to delegate those things.

To wrap it all up

To conclude it all, you need to make sure to do the right things. There is a difference between being productive and being busy. You need to figure that out and make the most of it early in your life.


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