11 Affiliate Blogging Secrets to Become a Successful Affiliate

There are literally thousands of Affiliate Blogging Secrets that can help you gain success in affiliate marketing. This post is going to be a list of secrets that successful bloggers have used to be successful affiliate marketers.


  1. Always get the Most you Can From Every Reader – Affiliate Blogging

Try to get every reader to join your email list at least once. If they are not interested in that, see if they will share your article and give them an opportunity to post it on their blog for a link back to yours.

  1. Start an Email List Early and Keep Track of it – Affiliate Blogging

The earlier you try to capture your traffic the better. Even if you only have a list of 50 or so people, it is a good start. I recommend creating an email marketing campaign for up to two weeks and then start trying to build a list.

  1. Figure out ways to get Targeted Traffic – Affiliate Blogging

There are many paid methods but not many free ones. Try to get traffic from social media websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook while also posting in relevant forums. Always include a link back to your website in the signature of forums.

  1. Hide Affiliate Offers in Content – Affiliate Blogging

Affiliate offers should not look like advertisements! Try to link out certain words in your content that people generally click. Like “If you know how to make money easy then you can be making $200 per day also”.

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  1. Don’t Overload Affiliate Offers – Affiliate Blogging

The more, the worse. People don’t like seeing the same offers over and over and they also do not like an abundance of offers. Stick to 1 or 2 that convert well and try to sell them to your subscribers and readers. Look at new product launches to see if any quality offers would be relevant to your readers.

  1. Promote Quality Affiliate Offers – Affiliate Blogging

Don’t promote crap because people will lose respect for you and you might lose valuable customers. People tend to return products that they do not find sufficient to their needs. Make sure you are promoting the best affiliate programs that are unique and of value.

  1. Stay on Topic and Create Content Frequently – Affiliate Blogging

People want to read new articles and learn more all the time. If you only update your blog once a week, you will not get a whole lot of new visitors. However, if you add 15 articles per week, then at the end of the month you have 60+ articles that can capture more attention, gain more readers, and keep your current readers satisfied.

  1. Gain Loyalty from Readers – Affiliate Blogging

This is done by creating unique content and giving them value. You want to create a brand that people like and want to keep coming back to and that only comes from being honest and trustworthy with your content.

  1. Give Away Free Things – Affiliate Blogging

People like free eBooks, software, packages, reports, and memberships. If you can give your readers free things then they will stay loyal subscribers. You can even use free things to sell paid items.

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  1. Give Opportunities for Readers to Share Things – Affiliate Blogging

Your readers might have websites, blogs, and social media accounts of their own. Let them share your content with their readers, followers, and friends to capture more attention for yourself.

  1. Make Readers feel Exclusive – Affiliate Blogging

The more you can make readers feel like they are getting exclusive information that is up to date, the better you will keep their attention. If readers feel like you just want their money, they will unsubscribe from your list and stop going to your website.

These are some of the most important traits that successful affiliate bloggers have. It is more than just posting an article a day and staying off the internet until the next day. Bloggers should be involved with their audience in different ways and must find methods to keep readers on their website.

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