8 SEO Mistakes Reducing Your Google Rank

If you are in the online marketing, you may have heard the term SEO. You may get many people who told you to avoid link building. If yes, then remember, you got the worst advice in your life. Preventing link building is not the solution, it will force you to stay on third, fourth or fifth page forever. Remember, only 2% of the user visit 2nd page during a google search. So ranking on page 3 and ranking on page 23 is the same thing in term of getting traffic.

Let’s come to the main point; they told you to avoid link building just because they don’t know how to build backlinks. You can create as many links as you want if you know what to do and what to avoid. Today I will share 8 SEO mistakes which may harm your SEO campaign.

Focusing on Exact Match Domain (EMD)

Before 2012, it was effortless to rank any website. Most webmasters or SEO professionals were influencing business owner to buy an Exact Match Domain.  Because it was effortless to rank any particular keyword with an EMD. But with all new Google Algo updates, the scenario has changed, especially after the EMD updates. Now brand authority plays the key role in Google ranking.

If you take a Google search for any particular niche, you will find the presence of few common sites for almost every query. This is how the recent Google algorithm works.

Also, long tail exact match domain can reduce your conversion rate too because it doesn’t look like a branded website.

Working on just for Homepage

The homepage is the most important page of any website. Around 70% of site visitor landed on its homepage. But it doesn’t mean that a website should have all their backlinks pointed to the homepage. It looks unnatural. If a site has enough popularity, then other pages should have some backlinks. Build backlink via directory submission, press release, document submission, etc. So it is wise to create some backlinks to all other deep pages. It will not only help make the campaign natural but also help rank up against other pages the site contains. Dmoz.org give you high authority & natural link to your website.

Using complex CMS for building website

In these days, people love using CMS to build their website. It helps them add more features even if they don’t have coding skills. Lots of third party tools are there to fulfill your needs. But the problem arrives when the CMS is tough to use for both human and search engine. A complex CMS can make it hard for a Search engine to crawl the entire website. It can also bring an adverse effect on website loading time. So while choosing a CMS, I always suggest using some known SEO friendly CMS like WordPress. Choosing WordPress will also help you make your site SEO friendly. WordPress Development and maintenance service are also cheaper than any other CMS.

Lack of Keyword Diversity

Do all people address you the same way? Your friend might have a different approach than your boss or client. Same thing happens while creating backlinks. Remember, Google is always inspiring to produce quality content, so you get backlinks naturally. Now think, if you get natural backlinks will you have any control to choose the anchor text? It will depend on what text the other webmaster is using to link you. That means you will have lots of variety. Some may use your brand name; some may use some standard texts like click here and so on. So this is the thing you must have to keep in mind while creating backlinks. Make sure you have lots of variety while creating an anchor-text. And also, keep a certain amount of common word. Here is some example which may help you

  • Brand Name
  • Your Name
  • Your Primary Keywords
  • Secondary Keywords
  • Synonymous term of primary and secondary keywords
  • Click here
  • Your web URL with and without ‘www.’
  • Visit this link
  • Read this article
  • Check this website

Having less concentration on Onpage SEO and Content Structure

Why are you creating backlinks or doing SEO? To get traffic – right? That means whatever the channel it is, the ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your site and convince them to purchase your product or service. Now think, you have an excellent marketing plan, you show ads on TV channels for your restaurant. But when they are coming to your restaurant they are not happy with it. Either you have poor decoration, or it is not clean enough, or the food you serve is not tasty. Will that marketing campaign help you anymore?

Same thing happens to Online Business. Whatever you are doing, your site structure should get the maximum priority. It should be SEO and Human-friendly. You need to know how making your site SEO friendly. So during running an SEO campaign focus more on Onpage SEO and Content Structure -these are the things which will help you get more customers.

Having more focus on link quantity

Having lots of low-quality backlinks is not going to help you anymore, but destroying your online presence. Having lots of poor backlinks can ruin your rank and reputation. So while creating backlink, focus on quality. Now you may ask, how to determine link quality. Here is a short guideline which may help you

  • Relevancy
  • DA (Domain Authority)
  • PA (Page Authority)
  • TF (Trust Flow)
  • CF (Citation Flow)
  • Content Engagement
  • Social Shares

Regular Analytic and Webmaster Tool Monitoring

The success of a marketing campaign depends on how you utilize the data. Google analytic and webmaster tool can provide all needed data for your website. For example, which keywords are getting an impression and click? Is your website indexed naturally? Any security issue you may have etc. So webmaster / SEO professional must check analytic and webmaster tools to find better results. It also helps them fix any mistake. It is also important to check backlink data to avoid negative SEO threats.

Don’t invest time on competitor’s backlink profiles

Your competitors are ranking well then you mean they are doing better SEO than you. No doubt about it. So just like any other game, in SEO you need to know what they are doing. If you can find the answer, then you are halfway done, now you need to know how I can do better than that. So every SEO professional should invest a certain amount of time to identify what our competitors are doing in term of

  • On page Structure
  • Content Structure
  • Backlinks

There are few premium tools which can help you find the required data from their index. Spyfu and SEMrush can help you get keyword list from your competitors. Moz can assist you in finding crawl data and other technical statistics. But the problem is that the tools are expensive, so it is better to assign this task to any professional SEO service provider. Because they have extensive knowledge with required tool subscriptions.

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