7 Tactics to Avoid on Social Media

You already know that social network marketing is a channel that can bring traffic and sales, but the question to ask is: do you see an increase in your traffic or your sales?

Not really, is it? And why? Because you use old tactics, tactics that are no longer effective at all.

If you want it to change, just avoid these seven strategies :

1. Publish at any time you are free

Posting on a daily basis or at any time when you have the time is not ideal. Why ? Because your followers might not be online when you publish.

This means that no one will see the content you are promoting.

Simply Measured has a few free tools that will show you when you should publish. It will analyze your user base and tell you which days and times are optimal for engagement.

However, Facebook is the exception that confirms the rule. If you plan to share something on wrong time, you will see your shares and your ” I like ” fall. Failing that, you will have to publish on your Facebook profile yourself and plan to share through fan pages.

2. Selling directly to your audience

Once you have a big audience, you’ll want to convince them to buy everything you can sell well. But publishing a link by telling your followers to buy your book, product or service will not be of much help to you.

The only time it can happen that it works will be in case you offer a discount or balance.

What you need to do is channel your social networking fans. First, collect their emails, and then offer your products or services by e-mail.

It works because here you bring your fans to make micro commitments. When you ask them to make a purchase, they are more likely to say yes.

3. Try to play with the number of your followers

There are people on the web who follow thousands of users to give more weight to their accounts on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

People even go so far as to buy thousands of fans. The large number could make you look cool, but it could also hurt you.


Social networks are becoming more and more intelligent in their analysis of the number of people who are truly engaged. And if the ratio is low, your content will not be ubiquitous, which will make you get less traffic compared to having a smaller and committed base.

So if you do not try to get around the system, start by taking a look at your competitors.

Look at what type of content they publish and which engages commitment. Try to post similar content, and avoid publishing content that does not get “like,” comments, or sharing.

4. Share without optimizing

Sharing your site content is not as simple as copying and posting your URL on a social network. If your site code is not optimized for social networks, you’ll notice that when you share your content on these sites, no image appears.

When you optimize your code, social sharing will be more pictorial.

You will do this by adding social tags to your content. The difference will be enormous. You will see.

It’s the same thing when you want to retweet content. You have to do it the right way.

5. Make your self-promotion

When you start on social networks with the sole purpose of growing your brand, traffic, and your sales, people see it.

At this point, they end up unsubscribing from your list of followers, and you will thus lose a lot of traffic. From the moment you share other people’s content, answer questions, and just help people, you will realize that you will capture attention in the right way and build a fair hearing.

The loyal audience will then be able to convert into traffic and sales, once you channel it.

Rest assured that you are helping people, answering their questions, and sharing other people’s content in your industry. You do not have to promote your competitors, but you should promote new and content sites.

6. Make a direct link to the site of another

When you share the link of another, you generate traffic to its site, and no traffic back. And if I told you that each time you promote another’s site, you could generate more traffic to your site?

There is a very cool tool called Sniply, which adds a promotion box on any site you share. By bringing traffic to others, the chances are that some visitors will come back to your site.

7. Add an extra sharing button on your site

If you want people to share articles on your site, what do you do? You add share buttons, does not it?

Do you know however that a split button can hurt your traffic? Reducing the number of buttons will increase your clickthrough rate visibly.

So, instead of treating your site as a race car by promoting all the social networks that exist, focus on 3 of them. Select the sites that best suit your readers. Chances are it’s Facebook, Twitter, and a third.

And if you’re wondering what kind of sharing buttons you should use, try the Flare plugin. It is flexible, pretty, and free.


What worked on social networks a few years ago is no longer working today. You have to adapt your approach and avoid old tactics that anyone uses.

By staying up to date on social networking algorithms and different trends, you will be able to maximize your social traffic and your sales.

What other obsolete tactics should people avoid?

I’m waiting for your sharing on social networks!

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