50 High PR Press Release Website List 2019

What is Press Release?

An announcement of an event, performance, new product or services, or another newsworthy item that is issued to the press via the internet.

6 reasons to issue press release

Media Exposure: Publishing out content to the media via a press release may garner an organization coverage on the television, newspapers, magazine or radios.

Search Engine Optimization: If a website link is included in the press release that link may get up by Google, Bing and by another search engine as a factor for ranking a website higher.

Referral Traffic: Individuals that read the release may click on the link and visit an organization website.

Brand Exposure: The more real estate a brand occupies online the more exposure that brand has.

Search Engine Reputation Management: If an organization’s name appears in the title of a press release that has a very good chance to come up on the page of the search engine such as Google, Bing for the organization’s name. If there are any negative search results the press release may push the negative link on the second page.

Social Media: It’s a little-known secret that thousands of twitter accounts, auto-post from press release wires. If a press release has the keyword phrase in its title that twitter accounts subscribe to then it’s possible to get thousand of tweets with the press release in it.

50 High PR Press Release Website List 2016

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1 http://www.elecdir.com
2 http://www2.ljworld.com
3 http://www.htmlprimer.com
4 http://www.fiercewireless.com
5 http://www.nanotech-now.com
6 http://www.techdirt.com
7 http://news.thomasnet.com
8 http://www.24-7pressrelease.com
9 http://www.media-newswire.com
10 http://www.cgidir.com
11 http://www.domaininformer.com
12 http://www.downloadjunction.com
13 http://www.sbwire.com
14 http://www.kazor.com
15 http://www.sbinformer.com
16 http://www.webknowhow.net
17 http://www.pr.com
18 http://www.promotionworld.com
19 http://presszoom.com
21 http://news.cincinnati.com
22 http://www.solarplaza.com
23 http://www.briefingwire.com
24 http://www.ecommwire.com
26 http://www.freepressindex.com
27 http://www.ideamarketers.com
28 http://amazines.com
30 http://bignews.biz
32 http://news-antique.com
33 http://www.release-news.com
34 http://www.myjournalcourier.com
35 http://www.1888pressrelease.com
36 http://www.pressreleasespider.com
37 http://www.clickpress.com
38 http://www.widepr.com
39 http://www.topseos.com
40 http://pr-gb.com
41 http://emailwire.com
42 http://www.prfire.co.uk
43 http://press.abc-directory.com
44 http://www.marketpressrelease.com
45 http://prsync.com
46 http://www.pr-usa.net
48 http://newpressrelease.com
50 http://www.pr4links.com
51 http://www.pressmethod.com
52 http://www.prhwy.com
53 http://www.prurgent.com

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