4 Key Elements To Get Loyal Readers

If you launch an exciting blog, probably you are looking for people to visit. To prevent comment only from your wife and mother on your articles, I share here five elements that I consider to be keys to trying to keep your readers awake:

Value added

Your blog should provide something useful or at least interesting for your visitors because otherwise, it will not make sense to visit. In other words, your blog has to add something of value to the lives of the readers, so that they feel like spending their time in reading what you are telling them. Sounds logical.!!!

How to contribute value?

  • Saving time for your readers: A weekly executive summary of news – example “Weekly Review on Bluehost Hosting for Bloggers,” or an article with a list of free online resources like “The Best Free Tools for Bloggers“.
  • Adapting more general themes to the context of your audience: “How to set up an interesting blog” versus “How to configure a successful blog for professionals in the audiovisual production industry,” if it is of interest to her.
  • Trying in depth topics: To demonstrate your credibility in the aspects that you try to solve/improve with your blog.

Personality and Opinion

Your blog should reflect your personality, who you are. If you want to add value to your blog to keep your readers loyal, you should:

  • Express something unique using your own experiences, professional and personal experiences.
  • Defend your opinions, whether or not most people share them.

It is important that your articles have a fresh and colloquial tone. Learning things does not have to be done dangerously and annoyingly. In fact, reading an interesting blog is often a leisure activity:

  • Get the idea that you are having a conversation with your visitor.
  • Write the same way you speak.
  • Teach photos of you and your loved ones to generate more empathy.

This is what will make your blog unique and personalized, makes it interesting the fact that it is a single voice that tells a story, from its perspective, from its subjectivity.


Do not make the mistake of posting a post on your blog and then leaving it unattended. The power of an interesting blog is in the community that revolves around it. Therefore, to take care of it and help it grow, your readers should feel that they are participating in a two-way talk, not something unidirectional. Because:

  • If someone leaves you a comment, reply to him as soon as possible.
  • The same if you send an email with a question or a particular remark.

Do not delay doing it

In the same way, you should ask your readers through a survey form or a short questionnaire, what they expect of you when they visit your blog: topics, types of articles, formats, etc.

That way you will be able to give a personalized treatment, delivering what your readers expect and demonstrating them day by day that is the most important for you. You will notice that you are talking with them, from you to you, and not speaking to them, as a father to his son or a teacher to the pupil or a boss to his employee. Big difference.

Availability and Commitment

Do not do what many people do to post an article and then disappear for a week or a month. Interesting blogs that work well are those that have frequent updates and are consistent in the frequency of publication of your articles. The number of visitors will grow when your readers are 100% convinced that your blog has useful information, comments/conversations that are worth every 2 or 3 days, every week of the year.

If you do not offer your reader new content or new conversations, he will go to any other interesting competition blog to find what he is looking for.

So hard is the life of the blogger.

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