27 Hack to increase the website traffic for Free

A web page does not attract a good volume of visitors by itself unless we carry out strategies focused on increasing the traffic. It’s not a good to have the most beautiful website in the world if we do not do anything to make it known.

How to Increase Website Traffic for Free?

That’s why here I’m going to show you 27 tricks that will serve to increase visits to your page in a substantial way.

SEO Tricks to Increase Web Traffic

1.- Improve the CTR

We understand by CTR as Click Trough Rate or, what is or even, the rate of clicks that a link generates at times shown.

The CTR as we are going to address in this article is the one that is achieved in the search results. When you have a website positioned in Google and users, after doing a search they see your result, they are generating impressions and clicks. The CTR, in this case, would correspond to the impressions generated by the clicks.

Why optimizing CTR can increase web traffic? It is basic, the higher CTR in your results, the greater number of visits your site. On the another hand, CTR is an important factor in web positioning, and if improvements on this side, you can get even more traffic.

Google tends to improve the position or at least maintain, of those results that enjoy a good CTR. For example, if you have a page in the third position on the first page of Google for a keyword you are looking for, it is likely that you will receive a large number of impressions from the start.

If from all those impressions you just get clicks, Google will determine that your page is not relevant or does not offer what users are looking for, so you can make it drop some positions.

If on the another hand, you have a title, a goal description, and an optimized snippet, you can get more clicks, and this way increases the CTR. Google will realize that your page is relevant and useful to the user and is likely to improve their position, thus increasing the likelihood that they will make even more clicks.

Improve the CTR

2.- Load speed

The time it takes to load the post, or a particular page is vital, both for the web positioning (SERP- Search Engine Ranking Page) and for the user experience. Both are related straightforwardly.

When we talk about optimizing the load times of the page we talk about working the WPO. The followings ‘WPO’ correspond to Web Performance Optimization. It refers to working the loading times of a web or page to be as low as possible, i.e., when you access a web page it shows all the content in the shortest possible time.

Google itself claims that a half-second increase in load time on their website reduces them by 20% of web traffic. If this affects Google well, how will it affect you?

Think about it, Google wants to offer the best to its users, and therefore it will show higher those pages that take less to load.

That your website is too late to load will not cause Google to penalize you, but it will show other results above yours. If you optimize the loading speed of those pages you want to position, you will be more likely to rise in the ranking and therefore increase your visits.

Tools to charging time

3.- Internal Linking – Interlinking

Another of the SEO factors that you have to take very into account in SEO strategies On page is the internal linking or interlinking. It is about creating links that lead to other pages of your web, transferring authority between them and creating an internal linking structure as complete as possible.

Directly, linking to our pages or articles can be beneficial to traffic for a straightforward reason: it complements the information you are showing with other blog post and gives your readers the ability to navigate through more pages, thus obtaining more pages views.

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Less immediately, using a proper internal link strategy, we can increase web traffic thanks to the improvement of SEO On Page of your page. This is because the internal links of a site help Google to track a page better.

Each page derives the links that have in it the so-called link juice, and those pages that receive more links improve in authority. Therefore, a complex internal link and care can improve the overall authority of the web, distributing the juiced link throughout the site, taking advantage of the authority of the different pages.

4.- Longtail Keyword

Another SEO factor to increase the visits of your web is to work well the keywords long tail. For these of you who are not native with the term ‘long tail’, it refers to long tail keywords. That is to say:

Keyword: ‘Carpet Cleaning.’

Keyword long tail: ‘Carpet Cleaning in Baltimore

Although it is true that the volume of long tail searches is usually less than in more generic keywords, long tail well worked can bring you much web traffic.

And why are you going to work on keywords that have less search volume?

Probably, now we will see, long tail have less competition or keyword difficulty making it much easier to position a page in a result working a long tail keyword, than attacking a very general keyword.

The more generic keywords have a higher search volume and therefore can bring us many visits. However, there characteristic is to have a robust competition, or what is the same; there are already many websites positioning pages and also have more authority than you.

In the following table, you can see the data, which is according to Google Keyword Planner, as we are going to make the keyword longer, less volume of searches has but also less difficulty and fewer results in the searches.

Keyword Search Volume Difficulty Keyword Search results
Carpet Cleaning 201,000/month 86% 2,27,00,000
Carpet Cleaner 201,000/month 100% 94,60,000
Carpet Cleaning Baltimore 720/month 69% 12,10,000
Carpet Cleaners Near Me 27,100/mo 77% 86,00,000

Obviously, for a carpet cleaning services located in Baltimore, which is a metro city it will be much more convenient to focus on the two less generic keywords, you will get less traffic than for the main keyword, yes, but you will have more possibility to rank and increase total quality web traffic.

The advantages of working long tail keywords are many:

  • They allow you to work your content to appear in more search results. It is not the same to focus on positioning ‘Carpet Cleaning‘ than ‘Carpet Cleaning Near Me‘ or ‘Carpet Cleaning Baltimore.’ The longer you extend the long tail to the right in more searches you can position.

  • Minor competition: As I said before, long tail keywords have less competition, so the security of placing a particular keyword is greater. Even if the competition is practically non-existent, you can get to position a long tail in a short time.

  • Increased traffic: If you focus all your efforts on posting a result for a generic/niche keyword with an enormous search volume and with a lot of competition you can get to a position, and getting it you will get a high web traffic. If on the other hand, you do not get it, and your page never goes to the first page of Google, your efforts will not be reporting results. Long tail keywords will allow you to increase traffic if you can position several of them. For example, if you can stand a page with the keyword ‘Carpet Cleaners Near Me,’ or “Local Carpet Cleaners” you may also appear in the search results for ‘Carpet Cleaning.’

  • Greater conversion: If in addition to increasing traffic you have a more commercial purpose with clear conversion goals, long tail can also be great allies. Focusing efforts on positioning keywords long tail for specific niches can increase your conversions.

Conclusion: You should do a study of keywords and evaluate if you compensate work more particular long tail than more generic keywords with a large volume of searches. If the result of that research is that you can not compete against those who are already positioned, you may want to focus on other niche keywords that increase web traffic and conversions.

5.- Optimize keywords that you have placed unintentionally

When you publish a page or a blog, even though you are pointing to a particular keyword, you will start to the position also by different ones. Therefore, if we find those keywords that users are finding and update the content by enhancing those words, we can increase SEO traffic to our website in an important way.

To see these keywords, the best tool for it is Search Console. The Google tool recognizes the keywords by which we are being clicked on the results lists and gives us information about the position and number of visits we have obtained.

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Once we have identified these words, it is time to get down to work including more times such keywords in strategic places as subtitles, paragraphs, meta descriptions, etc.

Best of all, it will not only increase our traffic for these keywords, but Google will see that we have updated our pages or tickets and maybe reward us by raising our position on content more outdated than ours. Let’s remember that Google likes updated content.

Social Networking Tricks to increase the visits to a blog or web

6.- Twitter Cards

Look at the example I put just below. If we look for ‘inc.com’ or some of the articles of this blog on Twitter, you will see that although they are not published with a photo, a tab with a large image, a title and a brief description appears.

With this data, we can conclude that it is necessary to include in our Twitter strategy, both Twitter Cards, and multimedia content.

According to Twitter, Twitter Card earns on average, 43% more interactions and 23% more clicks. On the other hand, tweets with multimedia content generate 313% more interactions and 52% more RTs.

If you have a web or blog in WordPress is very easy to get when you publish one of your pages in this social network, automatically leave a Twitter Card like the one you’ve seen. The better approach to do this is through a free WordPress plugin named Yoast.

7.- Know your social audience with Analytics

Behind every strategy, in social networks, there must be a thorough analytical work. One of the things that we can know is who visit us, what they share in social networks or what page is he/she read it.

To perform this trick to increase web traffic to our page or blog, we need to use Google Analytics. Using a function that we are going to see now, we will be able to know what articles of our blog or which pages of our web are most visited through social networks and, of course, from which social network.

Knowing this you can better choose the post you want to spread on social networks, know what content works best in each of them or even guide you in the face of making new articles.

To access this information follow the following steps:

From Reports, go to Acquisition> Social> Network References.

From here you can see which social media channel where the most traffic in the chosen time interval. Also, within each of them, you can know which articles are the most visited and value the quality of the average visitor to each page.

This data can be instrumental because you will see how some of the articles spread better in some social networks than in others; Pages that achieve the greater number of web traffic from specific social networks, etc.

From Reports, go to Acquisition> Social> Landing Pages.

Here you will simply see the articles that users get the most from social networks.

Some data that can help you a lot when creating new content is knowing which network to target according to which article and be more precise in your strategy.

8.- Buzzsumo

Getting information about what works best in social networks can be very useful when deciding what content to publish or even what we re-disseminate. Buzzsumo is a tool that allows us to do two main things:

  • The most shared in social networks: you can discover which content or publications are the most shared looking for a complete keyword or most shared at that time. Definitely a good way to keep up with what is being trended. It can also be helpful to decide what types of content you publish if you have on your blog or web content that can fit with what is being talked about. Taking advantage of the trends and getting into the conversation with your content can bring a greater amount of traffic.
  • The most shared of your web: entering the address of your web, Buzzsumo tells you which pages are the most shared in each of the social networks. Interpreting these statistics can be vital to forthcoming publications you make. So much for the contents that you create new ones in your blog and for the contents that you have thought to publish again in social networks.

9.- Social Media Groups

Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus. These three social networks have a very similar characteristic: groups, although in the case of Google Plus we identify them as Communities.

Why are groups of these social networks a good choice? I dare say that what I am going to say next applies to the three networks:

  • Nicely defined niches: The great advantage of groups in social networks is that they have a very clear theme, The more closely in choosing your groups, the more likely you will succeed.
  • Tool to filter content: Users who join these groups not only do it to publish content, but also to find it. They are looking forward to finding articles that will help them in their work or their day to day life, and that is where you must go.
  • Qualified traffic: there is no point in increasing web traffic if you are not qualified, right? We want quality visits, and for this, the groups are a good option. As I said, the users that form these groups are looking for information about a particular topic; they are interested in that material that you are going to show them. Find the best groups that fit your content and offer content of value.

Once you have chosen the Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus Communities groups, use them in a consistent and organized way. Make a publication plan in each of them, establish the frequency of publication and analyze, in the short term, those that give you enough traffic results.

Although it is an arduous job, I recommend that you first narrow your links so that you can know how many clicks each group reports you, so that in the future you can focus your efforts on the groups that best offer you.

IMPORTANT: Make responsible use of groups. Publish periodically but without abuse. Participates also in an unbiased way, helps other users when they post their doubts or debates. When you post a content, always enter it, go to the users in a close manner, indicate what benefit you can bring to read your article. Try to answer all the comments you leave in your group posts and whenever you can, create debate.

10.- Facebook Ads

The Facebook ad platform can be a great ally. Creating properly segmented campaigns and with ads made up of good copies can bring you lots of traffic, plus qualified.

Try, create small campaigns with a low budget, between $1 and $5 a day, or start with a campaign test of $ 5. Use a demographic and interest segmentation according to the article you are promoting and analyze the results you get. In campaigns of interaction with the publication, you can get a cost per interaction less than the cent.

The volume of traffic you can get with a small campaign is very significant, and you can also inevitably get other benefits.

For example, if the publication likes users, they will not only give ‘Like’ and enter the blog post, they will share it on their channels. In this way, you would gain organic traffic, derived from the payment announcement and in many cases that organic traffic can be greater than the visits obtained directly through the advertisement.

And collateral, also, you will see how fans of your Facebook page are increasing.

Here is a post I promoted from my Facebook page. Look at the number of shares and scope of the publication.

facebook ads

11.- Share buttons

Social networks can be a channel that makes you significantly increase your web traffic, either because you share the content on your channel and groups, or because your audience wants to share your website on their profiles.

To increase web traffic from social networks is essential to make it easy for users. To do this, you must place buttons on your blog or web that allow them to share what they see quickly.

These buttons enable the user to click on them and publish a tweet or a publication that is created in a predefined way in their profile on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest or even Whatsapp. Also, there are also aggregators like Reddit, Stumbleupon, IFTTT and tools like Buffer.

There are numerous plugins and ways to add these buttons, as well as the different places where we can find them: sidebars, at the beginning/end of the articles, on the sides accompanying the scroll

Some options to add these buttons are:

  • SumoMe has a free version. It is easy to set up and works great. Perhaps the only drawback is that it considerably increases the loading time of the page.
  • Flare is also free and allows you to add the buttons in a similar way to SumoMe.
  • Monarch: Elegant Themes plugin. It is payable but offers a lot of configuration options and offers.

Other ideas to increase web traffic

12.- Google AMP

Surely if you have a web or blog, you will know the vital importance of the speed of loading a web or WPO (Web Performance Optimization).

The loading time of a web is important for two main reasons: user experience and web positioning. Both reasons are intimately related, why? Google is a company, all businesses have customers, and Google customers are the users who are looking at their search engine.

Like any company, Google also wants to offer the best to its customers, and that translates into showing the best results possible. Not only those who respond to the doubts they have but also those who can offer a better experience and within this factor is the speed of loading the web.

The loading speed has a direct impact on many other statistics, such as the number of sales in e-commerce, but let’s focus on talking how the speed of loading and Google AMP can help you get more traffic.

What is Google AMP?

In short, it’s a technology that Google has created that allows you to create pages that load up to 80% faster on mobile devices. This is possible thanks to the webs in AMP version have an HTML and Javascript that contains the basics that should be shown, not including for example plugins and specific Javascript codes.

With these improvements in code, pages load much faster. If your website has AMP pages enabled, the pages that you have indexed in Google may appear in this format. Also, in other places such as Linkedin, your shared pages will be available in AMP format for users who access from the app.

It is easy to identify these pages; they include the AMP symbol.

Here’s how the AMP results in Google:

Google AMP

How can Google AMP help you get more traffic?

Activating Google AMP is not going to help you directly as a campaign on Facebook Ads, of course, is related to SEO. Google better positions the websites that load faster and especially now it puts particular attention on the mobile versions of the webs. You are already looking for more on the Internet from mobile devices than from computers and Google wants to offer the best in these places.

If you improve the loading speed of your web, you improve your SEO: Thanks to this, you will increase web traffic in those results that are positioning but still can climb some position in the SERP.

13.- Attractive titles

One of the best techniques to increase web traffic is to generate interesting titles that increase the CTR of our results in the SERPs. As I mentioned earlier, CTR is a crucial factor in improving our SEO position. The more clicks we get on our results, the better it will be Google.

Therefore, I recommend that you review the SEO titles of your pages and entries and optimize them so that they are attractive to users. If you change them by ones with more hook and that incite more to the click, your CTR will increase, and Google will probably raise the positions little by little.

14.- Email Marketing

Today it is complicated to retain users who visit a website. But even more complicated is to make users who have visited our website, remember us and come back to visit us later.

One of the best techniques to get them back is Email marketing.

In case you do not know what it is, it is a question of sending mass emails to a list of people that we have previously collected. For this, subscription forms are usually placed in strategic places on our website in exchange for exclusive contents, discounts, coupons, etc.

Then, with that list of contacts, we can use an email marketing tool like Mailchimp and make an attractive Newsletter for our users. In this way, we will be able to reach visitors who have subscribed to our newsletter to return to our website.

15.- Feedly

Feedly is an RSS reader that allows you to add site feeds to read all the entries that interest you from a single application. This way you can go including the feeds of blogs that interest you most then read them all from the same site, in this case from Feedly.

But not only is it an excellent tool to read the entries of our favorite blogs, but it is also one of the best regarding content curation.

For all of this, if we encourage our users to include our website in their Feedly feed, we will attract more visitors because our content will be easier to read and, also, will reach all those who save us in Feedly without needing to Remember to visit our website in search of news.

And how do we encourage our readers to include us in their Feedly feed?

  1. Putting a small banner in which we inform our readers that they can include us in their list of blogs.
  2. Posting a post on Feedly to make the tool known to people who may not know it and incidentally, inviting users to include you in your feed.
  3. Including at the end of some entries a call to attention asking the users to include us in your feed.

16.- Collaborative entries and interviews

Particular types of blog entries usually work great for increasing web traffic and getting links to our site. We talk about collaborative entries and interviews.

  • Collaborative entries: It is about choosing a topic and asking the opinion and collaboration to experts on the selected topic. In this way, the people who have collaborated in your entry will spread the content in their social networks, and you can even get some link from their websites.
  • Interviews: These types of tickets are beneficial when you want to get visibility on a very particular topic. You must select a sector and contact a referent who intends to participate in an interview with you. Similar to the collaborative entries, when you post the entry, the respondent will share it on their social networks and may even put a link on your website.

17.- Google Trends

In a web, you can create different types of articles according to their temporality: timeless, seasonal and temporary. Google Trends, one of Google’s great tools, can help you create them.

Google Trends lets you know what else you are looking for in any country, what related terms you are looking for, whether those searches grow or decline, even tells you which longer long tail keywords are being searched, at the time or searched in the past.

All this information can be used to get ideas to create articles on the blog that interest users.

18.- Guest blogging

If there is any differential factor that can give a significant boost to your web, that is to publish a post as a guest author on an influential blog and related topic. The advantages are many, among which are the following:

  1. You gain reference traffic: Normally, when you publish an article as a guest, you can insert one or two links to your web page by expanding information about some topic or aspect discussed in the article. So, if anyone wants to know more about that subject, they will click on the link and take a visit.
  2. Increase your notoriety: Publishing in external blogs to yours you get a greater scope and exposure of your content. Thanks to this, you will be able to attract a new potential audience of readers that perhaps you did not have before.
  3. You get good incoming links: One of the fundamental pillars of SEO is to get good backlinks to our website. If you publish an article in a major related topic blog, you will directly boost the SEO position of your site.

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19.- Infographics

Infographics are elements that greatly enrich the contents of any blog. This increases the time spent by users, the likelihood that you will share the content and, also, generate a new possibility to get incoming links to your website.

And if this were not enough, due to the increasing popularity of this type of graphic elements, more and more users are looking for Google infographics on specific topics, which opens the door to capture visits from the images section.

20.- Update articles

It has been proven that by updating published articles long ago, your SEO positioning is improved. This is because Google always wants to show the best and most updated content in the top positions.

Therefore, if you have content that you have not modified for some time and want to update your SERP position, broaden the content and check the keywords for which you are positioning them.

21.- One Press Social Locker

Do you know this WordPress plugin? With Social Locker, you can hide some content or resource and make it visible only if the user shares it in any of the ways you choose (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin)

What does this mean? If indeed the content you ‘hide’ behind is interesting and you sell it well, people will share it to gain access to it. In this way, you will increase the amount of shared social networks with more than likely increase in traffic.

The text that appears when sharing can be edited, as well as the texts that appear in the plugin.

Do not abuse this great resource, and it can be counterproductive. Whenever you use it either because you are offering extra content or information that is worth it, otherwise the user will not agree to share the content, and there will be no exchange.

One Press Social Locker

22.- It binds influential people

When a technique works, it is said. Many blogs, of all types of the sector, have resorted to this resource, why and what exactly?

We all like to be included in lists of better blogs, better Twitter profiles, better entrepreneurs, etc. Everything that starts with ‘best X‘ we love, right? Even for many times that we mention or include in this type of listings still like us, and what do we do when this happens? Exactly, we share it in our social profiles, not only because of pure ego but because we are happy because they include a link to our website from another blog, take a backlink!

Creating such list makes the people you mention and link to share the content on your social networks, one or several times. In addition to sharing, many of them leave a comment thanking that mention, which is beneficial to the article.

For a greater number of those mentioned, find out that you have included them, tag them on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or you can even tell them one by one by email.

23.- It counts cases of real success and failure and, if possible, personal and transparent

Publishing articles that show everything you know and also help your readers are fine, but there are other types of articles that generate traffic, interactions and also you get much closer.

These are the articles in which we speak of own experiences, of the sector or more personal, cases of success of which you have been involved and also, of course, of the failures.

Yes, you learn a lot more from mistakes than from successes, even people are more grateful for advice from an experience of failure than of success.

Being transparent in these types of articles, showing your more personal side, will make users who frequently read your blog feel closer, especially if they feel identified with what you have in those articles

24.- Treats controversial issues, generates controversy

With this last strategy, you have to be careful. It is about creating content that we know will cause controversy so that people who see it pass it on to their family and friends and, also. Share it on your social networks. This way, the article you have posted will be communicated much more.

Of course, you must know how to fit the opposing opinions that you have exposed in your entry and assume that there will be people who do not agree with you.

25.- Improve the user experience

Other factors that can increase the web traffic of your site is to provide an excellent user experience to users who visit your website.

This does not improve the SEO positioning directly, but it does that indirectly through the behavior of the users.

Imagine that you enter a website that takes a long time to load and is also difficult to navigate. Surely you go back where you came from and clicked on another of the results that Google offers you. This would increase the rebound time and decrease the sessions, dwell time and page views. All these Google metrics are taken into account when positioning your results, so caring for the user experience.

26.- Video Marketing to Increase Web Traffic

From a time to this part the video has become one of the primary sources of content. With the arrival of platforms like YouTube, the audiovisual material has become the king due to several reasons:

  • They are quickly consumed: unlike blog entries, a video is a content easier to digest on the part of the user as it needs a little effort and is more dynamic than a large text for many images you have.
  • They allow us to bring more closeness: in the videos, users can see us and listen so that communication is much more direct than in any other medium. In this way, you can contribute the same value as in a text, but also allow users to know you more intimately.
  • Increase memory: according to the learning pyramid, we tend to remember much better what we see and hear about what we read only (in a blog for example) or just listen (in a podcast).

And how can we make video marketing make us increase web traffic from our page or blog?

If we use YouTube as a platform to upload our videos, we can link from within the video to our blog entries to complement the information we have. So, if someone wants to expand some of the details about which you speak in the video, click the link and it will go directly to your website.

Put links in your videos that expand the information to attract visitors to your web or blog Click To Tweet

On the other hand, we can also put in the description of each video links to our website and even cite the domain name so that the users who have known us for the platform of videos that we use know that we also have a web page or blog where Can find more information.

27.- Publish content that will last in time

Writing on topical topics is very useful for capturing visits on topics that are on everyone’s lips today. However, tomorrow they will have become completely obsolete because the information will already be out of date. Therefore, it is always good to create tickets that can be useful today, tomorrow and next year. In this way, if you find topics that are of interest on a continuous basis, the traffic you will get will be constant.

And best of all is that as you accumulate this type of content in your blog, the visits to your website will not stop growing if you optimize SEO On Page and give them a review from time to time.

I hope that with these tricks you get to increase the web traffic of your projects. If you have found useful or you know more tricks for it, you can help us to extend the list using the comments

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