11 Techniques to Increase Facebook Reach

The Facebook reach is a key element for the success of the companies in achieving their goals. More extent, the more brands communicate with a large audience, the more they are likely to reach potential customers.

It is clear that the organic range has declined for many brands in recent years. If the commitment is an essential criterion to increase the organic reach of publishing, but it is not alone.

After a brief presentation of the essential characteristics of this metric, I invite you to discover 11 techniques to increase your Facebook reach. 

What is the Facebook reach?

The Facebook reach is the unique number of people who saw your posts on the social network. There are 3 types available:

  • The organic range : unique number of people who saw your content on the newsfeed, telex, and your Facebook page, through a non-paid distribution.
  • Viral reach: unique number of people who saw your content or your Facebook page mentioned in a story created by a friend. A story is generated eg when a friend likes, comments, shares, mentions, written on the wall or géocalise.
  • Pay range : unique number of people who saw your content following an advertisement.

Good to know: People who like your Page (your “fans“) do not see all your publications because of the presence of an algorithm that determines the visibility of your content .

Indeed, Facebook has introduced an algorithm due to the saturation of the newsfeed (the number of friends, pages, and publications increasing). The social network hopes to  ensure a qualitative content, ensuring a good user experience, increase retention rates and keep its user base .

How the Facebook News Feed?

A user receives an average of 1,500 daily stories on its news feed. The  algorithm of Facebook shows him roughly 300 stories based on their activity and contacts.

The criteria are taken into account by the algorithm are:

  • The user interaction with the content of a profile or a Facebook Page
  • The type of content that the user commits the most (text, photo, video, link)
  • The interactions ( comment ) received on a publication
  • The date of post-publication


In the end, every story gets a relevance score  that is used by the system to choose the display order of news in the custom news feed for each user.


facebook algorithm score

Moreover, the news feed is re-updated every user login.


Here is a Facebook video that explains how the news feed:

11 techniques to increase your reach Facebook

1. Choose an attractive editorial

Your editorial is one of your best assets on the web. And Facebook is no exception to the rule. The more your content interests your audience, the more likely to receive interactions (like, shares, comments, clicks).When you publish content that generates engagement, Facebook’s algorithm increases its distribution in the news feed so that it touches more people.

In terms of editorial, here are my two main recommendations:

  • Post your best content: To identify it, you can consult, 1. The most popular items from your blog (via Google Analytics for example) and 2. The commitment rate of your tweets (via your account statistics Twitter) over a specified period. Choose course content that is still relevant. Regarding the first option, do not hesitate to test a different type / format of publication and a different description than you originally published.
  • Attach an appropriate ratio such as 80/20: Here, the idea is to skip the content 100% for promotional carefully balance your editorial with informative content and / or educational and / or entertaining (80) and a performance oriented content (20).

Finally, your editorial line has to meet two objectives:

  • Create commitment to include improving your reach .
  • Become a Facebook page “authoritarian” in his field . So that if some users do not notice your updates in their news feed, they manually seeking your Page to find your latest news.

2. Optimize Your Audience

Quality rather than quantity.

Applying this common sense principle of borrowing, some Facebook Pages arrested today race fans. For many, the situation remains bitter because, after years of using inappropriate techniques in the best of cases, communities are now little qualified and committed. Metric cherished conceit, the number of fans no longer triggers the same reactions in the services concerned companies.

Yet the number of fans is always important.

For example, when you start on Facebook, you have to quickly reach the threshold to generate sufficient interaction and therefore potentially of interest to the company. But the fans are not equal. And it is best to have in your community of people who really want to read your content.

Facebook offers 2 convenient features to build the audience of your Facebook Page with relevant fans: the audience favorite page and the invitation of committed users .

The audience favorite page allows Facebook to show your page to those most likely to be interested in your brand.

You can choose multiple parameters to determine their profile: location, interests, age, language.


Facebook Page-Preferred Page Audience

Inviting users engaged is to encourage users who interacted with the publications of your Facebook page to join your community.

facebook comment

facebook comment

3. Distribute your publications selectively

Just because you have fans, it does not mean that they are interested in all your publications.

Indeed, I take the example of a shop that sells shoes for men and women. In most cases, there is a good chance that publications concerning the arrival of new shoes … Not interested. Men. Avoid generating so much a lack of commitment or of “negative feedback” (eg hide publication) targeting your updates through the publishing tool.

Facebook lets you selectively distribute  your publications using the following criteria: The interests, age, gender, location, language, relationship status, and education level.


Facebook Post Boost Preferred Restrictions to audience

4. Post at the right time

Determine when to publish on Facebook is a real challenge!

Do you know what days and times which ensure better visibility?

Should you publish when your fans are online or outside the peak periods?

Is it wise to disseminate updates on the weekend?

These are questions that will need you to answer.

To help you in this task, I invite you to:

  • Be familiar with your community connection patterns
  • Studying the statistics of your Facebook Page
  • Study the publishing habits of your competitors and their results
  • Use third-party tools that determine the best times to publish

5. Determine your publication rate

If you want to get results on Facebook, you need to be consistent.

For example, it is difficult to imagine that you can organically generate satisfactory traffic to your website by publishing an update with a link only once per week. However, flood your fans news may encourage them to click on the button “I do not like.” In these circumstances, find a happy medium is a sensible goal.

Know that there is no real answer “ready for use” on the best rate of publication . Everything depends on several factors including your target (B2B or B2C), your industry (eg consumer goods, e-commerce, beauty), the number of your fans and the adequacy of your editorial against expectations of your fans.

However, if you want a suggestion for information, I invite you to publish 2 to 3 times per day in stride and adapt this value based on your observations.

6. Leave sufficient time between 2 publications

Do you know that if you post too close together your publication, they cannibalize and visibility of previous publications are thereby diminished?

This was shown several studies (dating a little) on the subject.

A period of 2/3 hour seems like a safe bet . But if the size of your community is important, this period may be reduced .

7. Be active in comments

Publications that receive a lot of comments tend to attract the attention and participation of users. I had compared this feature with the “Bestsellers” of an e-commerce site, which is still very attractive for visitors.

We have seen that the algorithm releases of reach when publications including creating commitment . Then it is in your interest to participate actively in the comments or to respond to questions or to revive the talks.


facebook comment

8. Use native video

The video is not only a strong trend today. It is a support that will permanently change the editorial lines of business in the coming years. On Facebook, the type of format that often generates the most reach is the native video, that is to say, the video uploaded directly Facebook , unlike for example a YouTube video classified by the algorithm as a link. An interesting feature of Facebook videos is that they start automatically ( “autoplay“) in the news feed and may thus more easily attract the eye.

Facebook recommends using the format  MP4 or MOV. Remember that the maximum duration of a video is 120 minutes and the maximum size of a file is 4 GB.

9. Seek your ambassadors

You can create a private group Facebook, reserved for your most engaged fans. The idea is to federate around your brand ambassadors who sincerely wish to endorse your business and actively participate in your mission.

This space is not considered as a relay for your publication but rather as an opportunity to deepen your relationships with a select group of fans, to show your appreciation to those who support you and retain the most valuable members of your community.

A similar approach is also possible with the employees of your company who have voluntarily enrolled in the program of “employee advocacy”.

10. Include your publications

Your updates can be integrated to your website by copying and pasting a code automatically generated by Facebook. Your visitors can discover your publications outside of Facebook and interact directly (mention I like, comment, share, click). Take this opportunity to expose your content to a potentially different audience and / or wider.

facebook post embedded view

facebook post embedded the view

11. Encourage your subscription notifications

Facebook has a feature allowing people who like your Facebook Page to receive notification each time you post an update on your Facebook Page according to their wishes. For example, a user can choose to be notified only when you publish photos.

The challenge is to convince fans to use this option because it can be intrusive, especially if you regularly publish multiple daily updates or if your fans subscribe to multiple Facebook Pages.


facebook page view

Question: What are the techniques you use that work best for you?

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