10 Ways You Can Earn Money From Your Blog

1. Cost per click ( CPC ) / Pay per click ( PPC )

Google Adsense is the first preference that came in mind while talking regarding earning money online. Google Adsense is highest paying CPC advertising network in the market. Everyone are not so much lucky to earn 1000 of the dollar with google Adsense therefore, there are many alternatives in the market depending upon your niche categories. Some of the best google Adsense alternatives are Chitika, adotic, admedia etc. This all are similar to google Adsense but payment will be a little bit low as compared to google analytics.

2. Selling Ad spaces on your blog.

Placing ad selling the place on your blog is also the nice way to earn money online. Best marketplace to get ads for your blog is Buysellads. Getting approval into buy sell ads is not that much easy. You need much high traffic on the blog to get approval from buy sell ads.

3. Cost per mile ( CPM )

Cost per mile or you can say cost per thousand. If you’re not getting income from CPC program though you’re having Hugh amount of traffic, then CPM is the best way to monetize and earn money online. In CPM visitor doesn’t need to click on your ads, you will be getting paid if any visitor making an ads impression, by viewing that ad on your blog. Isn’t that great. You will be getting paid for every 1000 impression.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online, but need some more patience, while working with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is widely used to earn money online. Just you need to sell some product or services and you will be getting fix percentage % or a specific amount ( commission ) for selling that product or services. Many pro bloggers use affiliate marketing skill as their income sources. Many newbies or a pro blogger choose click bank, amazon, eBay etc as the best network to earn.

5. Text Link Ads

Info link is one of the best text based network, I like text base ads more because it use lesser space compare to CPC / CPM ads. Text link ads will be shown within your blog itself.

6. Writing Product Reviews.

Before purchasing any product or services, visitor read a couple of review on the different blog. You can earn money by writing a quality review for specific product/service.

7. Selling your own product.

Many pro bloggers sell their own eBooks. selling own eBooks is quite easy. As your eBook goes viral, money starts rising in your pocket. Not just eBook you can start selling your own software, webmaster tool etc.

8. Offering Your Services.

You can share your expert skill such as Web Designing, SEO, PPC, Programming & etc. start attracting customers and boost with earn some extra bucks as working as a freelancer. You can even start giving training to the college student.

9. Earn Money with Donation.

If you’re running the nonprofitable firm, then Donation is a great way to earn some money. Your quality content on blog attract Hugh traffic, Just ask them for donations.If visitors get impressed then they don’t hesitate to make a small donation to support you.

10. Membership Pack.

Make you blog under membership, If anyone wants to read your content then they need to be purchased membership. Make sure you do this only if you have a Hugh traffic & unique content on your blog.

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