10 Best Free Internet Marketing Tools

10 Best Free Internet Marketing Tools

Hello, bloggers, webmasters, beginners, web surfers or anybody else reached up to this post. This post meant for each and everybody somehow related regularly with the Internet. We are going to reveal 10 Best Free Internet Marketing Tools which you may use to have great achievements with your existing or new online business. These are the tools that we often use personally to grow our blog and you should also at least try one of these.


This is the very first tool that I would recommend to almost each and every marketer. Grammarly is available in both free as well as paid versions. Paid version being much effective than the free one can help you to finalize the best English writing and copyright-free content for your blogs and websites. Grammarly is the best tool that I’ve ever found to correct any kind of grammatical mistakes in my articles and blog posts or any other kind of textual materials. Moreover, it’s loaded with multi-functional features such as built-in plagiarism checker tool and it is also available for the web browser as well as Microsoft Word. It is among from the best online grammar checker tools available on the net.

2.Small SEO Tools

SmallSEOTools is an online website which provides a number of online tools that are beneficial for many things related to Internet marketing. You can find tools like Backlinks checker, plagiarism checker and many other like wisely. Moreover, the greatest benefit of Small SEO Tools is that the tools are pretty much light weight and can be run within the web browser. You can make use of these tools anywhere you go on any device. The interface of the tools is pretty much great. It is among from good online plagiarism checker tools which help to identify duplicate content.


Many of you might be surprised to see WordPress in this list. Because you’ll think that it is the base on what your websites or blogs are running. But as WordPress powers more than 25% of the websites, yet many of the Internet marketers are not handy with WordPress. At least every blogger or Internet marketer should have basic knowledge of WordPress and if you really want to succeed, be a WordPress expert.


If you want to gain organic traffic to your blog or website as an Internet marketer in a short span of time, then there is no other Better tool than SEMRush for competitive keyword research. Not just this research, it comes with many other built-in functionalities. We’ve personal experience with SEMRush, which is just amazing. If you are the manager for many websites and blogs at the same time and want to grow traffic then you can find lots of content idea by seeing for what keywords your competitors of the same niche are making use to gain traffic on their blogs. This way you’ll save a lot of your time and power.


Being an Internet marketer, we need to accept and send payments for various purposes. Here the best handy service then comes to play is PayPal. These days many other services for payments are there but yet PayPal is already existing from a very long time and is globally accepted for almost all kind of online businesses. Moreover, it’s easy to handle transactions using PayPal. We would say that its continent than the Internet banking option. Even you can link your bank account or debit/credit cards with PayPal to have better user experience.


In the Internet marketing, communication between the various Internet marketers, clients or customers and other bloggers/webmasters is necessary. Moreover, the communication should be such that it should meet all kind of needs of sending and receiving the different type of data just more than simple chatting via video or simple text. Skype is a great platform which provides all these kind of things. The biggest thing for what Skype is the must if you are an internet marketer is that almost it’s the basic platform for all marketers already. So, if you yet haven’t a Skype ID go ahead and create it!

7.Gmail/Google Drive

Google is not just limited to the power of search but it also offers many other services that allow the users to be highly advanced in their business or online matters. Two of such amazing services are Gmail and Google Drive. Actually not just this, there are many things which are further included such as Google Docs, Google Apps, YouTube that Google offers to all of us and these things are pretty much useful for each and every Internet marketer. That’s why if you are an internet marketer you should have a Google account.

8.Office and Processing Tools

Many of the people just ignore listing these type of tools but we’ll as we found these tools to be playing very important roles in all kind of jobs included in the world of Internet marketing. By Office and Processing Tools I mean tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. From our personal experience, we’ve been making use of these tools since the beginning and almost every day.


Again surprised to see Filezilla in this list. But it actually plays a basic but important role in Internet marketing. Being an Internet marketer Filezilla is the best way to reach up to all of the data on the host in the least time with just a single login. If you are handling multiple projects at the same time, this tool will simply help you to do the best in shortest spans of time.

10. Miscellaneous Tools

More than just these tools there are many Miscellaneous Tools that you can’t be fit in this list of Top 10 Internet Marketing tool. So, you should be having your own wit to find out those tools according to your personal opinions. As per our opinions these tools might be Google Search, Image optimization tools, scripts and tutorial websites.

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