Why Creating Great Content is the Online Marketing Strategy You Need To Follow?

Why Creating Content Is Only Strategy You Follow For Online Marketing

Need more traffic on your marketing site or blogs?

Who doesn’t here?

Everyone in business is trying any strategy under the Sun they can have a grasp on. But sadly consumers are starting to get annoyed by this flood of all the pop-up ads and commercials and companies trying to “sell” things to them. This can be a major turn off and deal breaker for some potential customers.

A great part of targeted consumer has adapted to shut off the mainstream methods of the marketing world. Consumers go on hours and hours of online surfing without paying the slightest attention to banners and buttons. Smart marketing people know that traditional marketing strategies are losing the game by every passing minute. What is the solution for this situation? Just two words, Content Marketing.

What is content marketing?

What is content marketing and how it is helpful to blogger

Content Marketing is all the rage in marketing industry today. In case you haven’t heard of Content Marketing yet (which means you are already slightly behind in the marketing race) you will google the term and among  all the definitions you would come up with, you will find two key terms, valuable and relevant. Valuable and relevant is the reason behind the success of content marketing as a strategy. Consumers are willing to commit to this marketing strategy because it is offering something that is relevant to them and is also valuable for them.

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Primarily content marketing is a non-interruptive marketing strategy. It is an art of communicating with your potential consumer without selling. A prospective customer is more likely to listen what you have to say if he/she is not feeling the pressure of being obligated to buy something and handing over his/her money to you.

Instead of head first diving into your rant about your product, you are providing information regarding your consumer’s value, making them feel smarter. In return, you are rewarded with the customer’s business and loyalty.

But does that mean you have to quit on SEO? No, not at all. In fact, content marketing and SEO are like two halves of a dollar bill, they go together hand in hand. Actually, they are so blended into each other that you can hardly tell them apart.

Whatever strategy of marketing you are using you can easily incorporate content marketing into it, and you must! Other than adding up to SEO efforts it also supports all digital marketing channels and can be used as social media marketing material.

Quality of Content


The idea of content marketing is so clever that all the huge brands, small businesses and even the one person shops are incorporating it into their marketing strategy. But if this is such a big hit that it’s everywhere then how can it help you stand out among the competitors? Quality is the answer. Everybody and anybody can produce content but for good marketing, it is not advisable to hand over the job to an intern. You need professionals like Branding Agency Dubai. The content you are displaying to your consumer is your asset, invest in it.

A good content can go a long way. Imagine your content is so good that Wikipedia is willing to link to it (yes that is possible!). Or imagine that your content is good enough that a potential consumer actually looks forward to receiving your marketing and is willing to invest 20 to 30 minutes reading it. Feels good, doesn’t it? That’s why you need to turn your wheels towards quality content marketing. This is your only answer to sure success.

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Now you need to know about scales for measuring the quality of content. Go through any content, if you finished it because you had to (or worse you didn’t finish it at all) you have at your hand a good example of bad content. Now on the other hand, if you went through the content enjoying it, that’s a good content.

content marketing is king

Now think of a content that people will pay for to see. Yes, it can be that good. Have you seen the Lego Movie or Barbie movies? Those are good 100-minute commercials people pay for to see. However most companies are not doing such outclass content marketing and that’s why this is your chance to head-start the race.

Hope You understand why great content is important for online marketing. If having any question feels free to comment below.

This is guest post submitted by Junaid Ali Qureshi. He is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform the competition and generate profitable leads.


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