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Hi. How happy we are that you see this page because that means that you feel like or you are thinking about writing an article for our blog.

If so, welcome! We love having you as a guest blogger.

But first, we have to tell you some things. Read carefully?

Become a guest blogger on our blog

Startwithclick accepts a guest contribution on Content Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media and on Internet Marketing.

Submission Guidelines to follow.

  • The topic of the post has should be Inbound Marketing. We accept all the proposals that you make with us. Before you get down to work, let’s concretize the theme and title.
  • The size of the article should be greater than 1000 words. My readers like the comprehensive article.
  • The text must be original, not duplicate. You can not do a “copy-paste” of one of your articles. That would hurt us both?
  • The language should be simple and easy to understand, without using very long subordinate phrases. Our tone is soft and accessible.
  • The content must be delivered in Word. If you include links, do share in the document.
  • The images, photos, illustrations or Infographics that you include you must send them in PNG or JPG format and add them as an attachment in the email that you send us.
  • If you want to add a video or podcast, write down the URL and the specific site where you want it to go. We take care of it.
  • When we receive your article it will review. If necessary, we will make minor corrections. If the content needs a bigger change or does not comply with the agreement, we will contact you to modify it. You will always be able to see the definitive version of your article before it is published.
  • You must send us a brief biography of about 250 characters describing your professional profile. You can include your Twitter user and your blog.

Thank you for showing the interest in guest posting on Startwithclick. Contact for guest post via email at startwithclick@gmail.com


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