Did you know that the sites having WordPress CMS contain  .htaccess file? Indeed, WordPress automatically created during installation to include the setting permalinks of the site. When you go to Settings >> Permalinks to choose a URL format, the .htaccess file is modified. Still, you must know that

If you're a blogger, I am sure that more than once you have stopped to think about what are the factors that make an article work or not. Or what comes to be the same: How to write an article on your blog? You know that I do not usually

You had written the content for the years. More than 5,000 words are talking about the most important topic of your niche with 20 images, an infographic and the value in abundance. You put all the meat on the grill in the 10 hours you have taken

If you work in a multinational company, Startups, or as a Freelancer, there are an abundance of reasons to create a blog. Of course, these ideas can be extended to larger companies, if they have not yet understood the benefits of setting up a blog, in the current context

Over the Internet today, you are sure to find tons of information that talk about the productive concept of blogging.  Many are encouraged to start and maintain their own blogs especially with the thought that they can earn from it while just working within the

It is not that easy to earn money after getting signed up with Google Adsense & simply leaving some text in the form of advertisers in its & then leaving the rest things on Google. You need to do something to boast some amount of

If want people to have confidence in your business through your blog, there is one simple thing you can do to become an expert blogger. You recognize as an expert blogger in your field. If people see you as an amateur, most of the time they

Are you tired to start a blog today only to discover that you have no passion for the topic to maintain the (long-term)? Numerous of bloggers have gone through the same process and they have already quit their blog, not that they do not want to